The Crazy Kitchen: Mexican Cheese & Apple Wrap

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Tuesday 21 January 2014

Mexican Cheese & Apple Wrap

Sometimes I need to grab a really quick lunch as I'm rushing around trying to fit everything into my day in between school runs. It's usually as I sit down to watch Neighbours whilst packing orders for that day and if I haven't got any vegetables prepared for a home made healthy pot noodle or I don't fancy soup then it's usually crackers and cheese spread. Yesterday I had a wrap to use up and had just been sent some Mexicana cheese to try, so combined the 2 with slices of a crisp apple and made a Mexican Cheese & Apple wrap.

Mexican Cheese & Apple Wrap

I laid thinly sliced apple onto the wrap, covered with a few thin slices of cheese and microwaved for around 1 minute and then rolled up. It was so tasty that I had another for lunch today!

I was sent some Mexicana cheese for the purpose of review, I used the Extra Hot in the wraps.

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