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Monday, 15 June 2020

The Crazy Kitchen Baking Mixes

The Crazy Kitchen Baking Mixes came about during Covid-19 when it became increasingly difficult to shop for baking ingredients, particularly flour. I initially provided baking boxes at cost for my local community, which included flour, butter, sugar and eggs. Over the space of 2 days I packed and delivered around 60 boxes to residents of our village. Shortly afterwards I decided to source baking mixes that I could package in single batch quantities, with full instructions and only the need for water. These mixes are perfectly convenient, time saving and a great way to introduce younger children to baking or give older children the independence to bake alone.

There are currently 10 different baking mixes available : Chocolate brownie, chocolate cookie, plain cookie, chocolate muffins, plain muffins, flapjack, wholemeal bread, white bread, pizza base and chocolate mug cakes.

Additional ingredients can be added to the mix if you want to pimp them up a little - for example you could add chocolate chips or nuts to the brownies, berries to the muffins, and flavours to the bread - or you could even make cinnamon buns or chocolate swirls!

To order any of the baking mixes please email me, send me a facebook message, or purchase here


for full list of ingredients in the baking mixes click here

Friday, 28 February 2020

Breakfast SPAM®️ Burger {& a GIVEAWAY} #AD

Next week marks one of the most important events in every foodie's calendar - the UK's official SPAM®️ Appreciation Week 2020 (2nd - 8th March), and once again I'm giving away a SPAM®️ Sizzle Pack to one lucky reader of this blog (read on to find out how you can win). I'm also sharing a delicious  recipe for an everyday breakfast (ok maybe not EVERY day, just on the weekend), that incorporates SPAM®️ Chopped Pork and Ham.

Breakfast SPAM®️ Burger

This year SPAM®️ Appreciation Week is inviting fans of SPAM®️ Chopped Pork and Ham to show your appreciation by sizzling up some SPAM®️ product to create a prize winning recipe. There are 3 categories to choose from (America, Asia & Europe) to base your recipe on, and the winner of each category will go into a grand Sizzle-Off where they could be presented with the SPAM®️ Sizzle-Off trophy and £1000 travel or shopping vouchers! There will also be 10 winners from each category who will be picked at random to win a Sizzle Kit. Follow #SPAMsizzle on social media and head over to for further details.

Facebook : OfficialSPAMUK
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Instagram : officialspamuk

Breakfast SPAM®️ Burger

I based my recipe on the USA region, where burgers are big business, to come up with my #SPAMsizzle recipe. My Breakfast SPAM®️ Burger is piled high with all the breakfast favourites - avocado, bacon, egg, potato waffle and a thick slice of fried SPAM®️ Chopped Pork and Ham, all served in a sweet & soft toasted brioche bun. The beauty of breakfast burgers is that you can cook everything in advance and serve it all on a large board to let everyone build their own burgers, with all of their favourite breakfast ingredients - or why not go all out and include everything!

Breakfast SPAM®️ Burger

Breakfast SPAM®️ Burger - serves 2

1/2 tbsp oil
200g tub of Easy Open SPAM®️ Chopped Pork and Ham
1 ripe Avocado
1/2 large Beef Tomato
2 Potato Waffles
4 Rashers of streaky bacon
2 Free range eggs
2 Brioche buns
Small handful of rocket leaves
  • Heat the oil in a non stick frying pan over a med-high heat
  • Slice the SPAM®️ into thick slices ( you will get 3 or 4 slices out of this tub) & add  2 slices to the pan
  • Fry until lightly browned on both sides
  • In the meantime prepare the other burger ingredients - mash the avocado, thickly slice the tomato, cook the waffles and bacon and poach the eggs
  • Serve everything on a large serving board, alongside sliced brioche buns and fresh rocket leaves and allow everyone to build their own breakfast burger - eggs are best served on top to allow that runny yolk to drip down over the other ingredients!
Breakfast SPAM®️ Burger

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More SPAMTASTIC meals and recipe ideas can be found on the SPAM®️ UK website, and for additional chances to win a Sizzle Pack follow SPAM®️ on Twitter and Instagram, and follow the #SPAMsizzle hashtag.

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