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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

3 Awesome Sweet Potato Recipes

When you’re trying to come up with dinner ideas that keep everyone from fussy three-year-olds to hungry 12-year-olds happy, there aren’t many things that meet the mark – especially when you want things to be healthy and quick, too.

That’s where sweet potatoes are a real lifesaver. Not only do they cook more quickly than regular potatoes, they’re also packed full of vitamins A and B. Add to this that they’re a great source of fibre and low GI and it’s easy to see why they earned their superfood title!
Whether you want to add them to a meal as a side or use them as one of the main ingredients, here are three great ways to incorporate sweet potatoes into your family’s midweek dinners.
Creamy Roasted Vegetables
You’re going to read this and think it couldn’t possibly be filling enough for dinner, but you’d be amazed! This recipe feeds four, so scale up or down depending on how many hungry mouths you’re feeding.
You’ll need two large sweet potatoes, two courgettes, a handful or two of cherry tomatoes, an aubergine, an onion, and a tub of crème fraîche. For the seasoning, make sure you have a vegetable stock cube, some oregano and either rosemary or thyme.
For the prep: you’ll need to chop all the veggies into smallish cubes – about 2 cm (chop the cherry tomatoes in half). To save time, do this the night before, put them in a tub and fill with water, then keep them in the fridge overnight so they’re ready to pop into the oven.
Once you’re finished chopping, spread the veg out evenly over some oven trays – you’ll probably need two or three. Make sure it’s in a single layer so that everything gets a chance to cook.
Douse generously with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Next, crumble the stock cube over the vegetables, then add a tablespoon of oregano and rosemary to each tray.To make sure all the vegetables are evenly covered with the oil and seasoning, get your hands in there and mix everything up – trust us, it’s quicker and more effective than using a spoon!
Bake at 180°C for around 35-40 minutes, then test the sweet potato is soft. Spoon the crème fraîche on to the baking tray; it will mix with the vegetable juices to create a creamy sauce.
Serve with crusty garlic bread.
Sweet Potato Fries
For a healthier alternative to regular chips, mix things up with some sweet-potato fries. The key is to cut the chips roughly the same size to make sure they cook evenly – thin 'boat' shapes rather than traditional square chips tend to work better.
Once they’re sliced, put into a mixing bowl and cover with a generous amount of olive oil. If you’re feeling fancy, you could also substitute this for garlic- or chilli-infused oil to give extra flavour. Add some salt and pepper and two teaspoons of paprika.
Spread evenly on a baking tray and cook at 200°C for about 20 minutes.
If you’re short on time, a great alternative is the McCain Shake Shake Sweet Potato Fries. They come with a sea-salt and three-pepper sachet that you shake around in the bag before baking.
sweet potato fries

Baked Sweet Potato with Mackerel and Natural Yoghurt
If it’s too hot to face putting the oven on, this is a great alternative. Cooked in the microwave, sweet potatoes only take between four and eight minutes (depending on their size).
Prick the skins well before popping them in on full power. While the sweet potatoes are cooking, flake some cooked smoked mackerel into a bowl. Chop up some spring onions (chives also work nicely) and add them to the fish with a squeeze of lemon juice.
Mix with natural yoghurt until all the fish is well covered. Once the potatoes are cooked (test that they’re soft with a knife), cut in half and add some butter.
Spoon on the fish mixture and serve with salad and cherry tomatoes on the side.

a collaborative post with McCain

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Peanut Butter & Salted Pretzel No Churn Ice Cream [and a GIVEAWAY]

It's 4th July this week, which marks Independence Day in the United States. Despite having two American born children, and living there for 2.5 years, I haven't yet experienced July 4th celebrations actually in the United States. The day is equivalent to one of our bank holidays (with lots more celebrations), and most people get a day off work, spend time with their friends and family, and eat, drink and party!

I've climbed aboard the 4th of July bandwagon this year and created an all American inspired ice cream. It was during my time spent in America that I first began to love pretzels, whereas before they were just the salty sticks that were last to be eaten from the Christmas snack selection. I now have a few recipes on this blog that involve using salted pretzels in the way that I feel they should be eaten; in desserts! I have recipes such as Salted Caramel Chocolate Tarts with a Pretzel Crust, Chocolate Pretzel Easter Nests, Salted Pecan & Pretzel Brittle and Sweet & Salty Marshmallow Squares.  The sweet & salty combination isn't for everyone, but I personally think it is amazing, and genius of the person that originally came up with the idea.

peanut butter and pretzel ice cream

The sweetness coming from the condensed milk caramel, the hint of saltiness from the pretzels, and the nuttiness from the extra crunchy Skippy peanut butter combine together perfectly to create this ever so easy no churn ice cream. The husband, who claims to be a peanut butter hater, absolutely loved this, as did the rest of the family, who managed to plough their way through this batch in under 24 hours! Of course I may have helped them a little, and I may also have eaten some for breakfast. Allegedly. I made a second batch at the weekend and used chocolate covered pretzels this time, and my daughter claimed that it was the best ice cream she's ever eaten!

peanut butter and pretzel ice cream

Skippy Peanut Butter is the original American style peanut butter made from the finest American peanuts, and it's now widely available to buy in the UK from most major supermarkets (Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Ocado, Tesco and Costco). The nutty pieces in the crunchy version worked really well blended into the ice cream, along with the creaminess of the smooth version that I swirled through right before freezing.

peanut butter and pretzel ice cream

To make the cones worthy of being at 4th of July celebrations I dipped them in white chocolate and then into red, white and blue sprinkles, and now they could take pride of place at any American or British summer event.

peanut butter and pretzel ice cream

Americans Go Nuts for Skippy Peanut Butter, and now you can too in my nutty 4th July giveaway, in association with Skippy, where one lucky winner can win themselves a cool Skippy branded skateboard, complete with helmet and safety pads, along with 2 jars of Skippy peanut butter and spatula (to make sure you get every last bit out of the jars!), worth £120.

Peanut Butter & Salted Pretzel No Churn Ice Cream       [and a GIVEAWAY]

To enter, complete the Rafflecopter form below.

peanut butter and pretzel ice cream

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Saturday, 30 June 2018

Write Your Own Cookery Book in 12 Steps

It's often crossed my mind to write a cookery book, especially as I have a catalogue of hundreds of recipes on this blog, but it's something that would take a lot of time, and currently I don't have much of that spare, but never say never! 

If I do ever write one, I'd definitely like to write the draft old school, with pen and paper, and what better pen could you get than a classic fountain pen. I used to write with one at school, and my writing was always neatest when I used it on a fresh page of a brand new exercise book so I was thrilled when Lamy sent me one of their Nexx cartridge fountain pens in anthracite.  Comments from the kids ranged from 'that's not a real pen' to 'how does it work'. Kids of today have no idea of the struggles we had filling pens from a bottle of ink! Thankfully this fountain pen comes with ink cartridges to make refilling a breeze, and a lot less messy.

In the steps below, written on behalf of Lamy, you can get some pointers on writing your own cookery book. If you have any tips to add please feel free to let me know!

  • If you have a food blog then you're well on your way to writing your first cook book. You may have hundreds of recipes already in your portfolio, and with a little refining you could have an ebook or physical book published in no time.

  • Choose a theme for your book. Write down a few ideas and try and discover your own niche.

  • Have a back story. Tell your readers how you found yourself to be writing a cook book, Are you using your granny's recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation? Then tell your story. Everyone loves reading a heartwarming tale so add a little of your personality before each recipe or chapter.

  • Read lots of cookbooks yourself and develop your own writing style.

  • Test your recipes, again and again. Not only test them yourself but try giving your recipe to others to try out, either friends or family members to make sure the recipe can be followed by people of all abilities. Double check measurements, cooking times, ingredients lists and methods, as well as cooking temperatures.

  • Do not copy recipes. Others have worked hard to develop recipes so it's important to respect that. If you've been inspired by someone then mention this and give them credit

  • Source ingredients relative to your theme. If, for example, you're aiming your cookbook at families then don't include ingredients that can only be sourced in a little back street deli on the island of Madagascar.  Busy families don't always have the time to go hunting out ingredients, so they need to be readily available in supermarkets.

  • Organise your recipes by main ingredient, course, seasons or even by length of time to cook. Have sections of similar length.

  • Allow the title of your recipe to sound exciting, but at the same time you don't want it to be too mysterious.

  • Try, try and try again. If you get rejected by a publisher don't give up at the first hurdle. Keep pushing it, and if you keep getting knocked back consider self publishing

  • How do you envisage the finished cook book? Will you want a finished photo for every recipe? Will you want recipes to have step by step or technique images? Do you want each dish served on the same style of plate or on the same background? Will you be completing the food styling and photography yourself? Food styling is fun, but it takes a lot of thought and planning and you want to make sure you get this part right, especially as many readers DO judge a book by its cover.

  • Do it for the love rather than the money. There's not big money to be made in publishing a cook book, but don't let that put you off because if you've got this far it's something to be very proud of, so go and give yourself a pat on the back.

in collaboration with Lamy

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Share your Lottery Dreams and WIN £50 credit with Lottoland

Do you ever dream about what you would do if you won the lottery? I'm not talking the odd few hundred pounds, but more in the region of a million, or perhaps more. 

I often find myself thinking about how I would spend a couple of million, and as I'm a bit of a home bird, my first purchase would be a new house. I love the house we have but I wonder what it would be like to have a larger bathroom, a walk in wardrobe or even a garage that we could actually fit the cars in. How amazing would it be to start again from scratch, but this time around to buy the furniture, furnishings, appliances and electronics that we really wanted, rather than the ones that we could afford. An unlimited spending spree in John Lewis would be an absolute dream!

Next up I got to thinking about holidays, and where we would travel to if money was no object. The kids would definitely love a 'money is no object' trip to Florida, and even though I hate long haul flights, I'm sure I could cope flying first class! Once the kids have had their fun in Florida it would be off to a luxurious beach location for me, to get waited on with amazing food and drink.

I guess when the travelling is over we need to start being sensible, and think about putting some of our winnings aside for the future, and perhaps setting some aside for university fees. Until then I'll keep lusting over my 'Lottery Win Dreams' Pinterest board.


If you too love dreaming about how you would spend a large lottery win, then your dreams could become a reality because I'm giving away a chance to win £50 credit with Lottoland to use on Lotto betting, where you can place bets on the outcome of lottery draws all over the world. On the Irish Lotto, for example, you could be in with a chance of winning at least £1.4 million. Imagine that! How would you spend your winnings?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Sweet & Smokey BBQ Chicken Pizza

Anyone that reads my blog regularly, or has been following for a while, will realise that I'm all about making everyday meals simple. That doesn't mean grabbing a ready meal and popping it in the microwave, even on the busiest of days, but I do like the odd shortcut or two.

My kids love a pizza on the weekend, and I usually keep one or two in the freezer so the teens can feed themselves. Frozen pizzas aren't always the best tasting, but the kids don't seem to mind, as long as it's quick and hassle free. This semi-homemade Sweet & Smokey BBQ Chicken Pizza is not only quick and hassle free to make, but it also tastes great, and a lot better than a frozen one.

It doesn't take long to make your own pizza dough, but if you really don't have the time then a store bought pizza base, flatbread, naan bread or tortilla wrap works just as well. For this recipe I used a large ready made pizza base, but at the weekend my friend told me about large garlic & coriander naan breads that Iceland are selling so I'm going to give them a try for the next pizza I make.

I cooked the pizza on a preheated pizza stone on the BBQ, which gives the base a slightly smokey flavour, and then finished off under a hot grill, but cooking in a hot oven works well too.

Jack Daniel's Smokey Sweet Barbecue Glaze is ideal for coating the chicken strips on the pizza, as it not only adds a sweet and smokey flavour to the chicken, but it also slightly caramelises when it's cooked under a hot grill.

Sweet & Smokey BBQ Chicken Pizza

Along with the sweet & smokey bbq chicken, I topped the pizza with mozzarella slices, sweetcorn, jalapenos, rocket and an extra drizzle of BBQ sauce, making this an ideal quick and easy midweek meal for the family - even the teens could make it, and in less time than it takes to cook a frozen pizza!

Sweet & Smokey BBQ Chicken Pizza

Jack Daniel's make a variety of barbecue sauces and glazes that are great for dips and marinades this bbq season.

Sweet & Smokey BBQ Chicken Pizza

a commissioned post for Jack Daniel's Sauces

Friday, 1 June 2018

Fresh Apricot Muffins

It's been a busy old week this week, starting off with a [successful] trip to watch football at Wembley and a catch up with old friends and family, and ending with a day of housework and baking today, with a job interview, spot of work and juggling family life and half term in between. Thank goodness that the weather has been mostly good and the kids have been spending a lot of time outdoors playing football.

Last night I had a bit of a fright when I was closing the kitchen door for the evening, around 11.30, and almost squashed a frog in the doorway. I'm a bit of a wuss when it comes to handling creatures so went to call for assistance. The eldest was still at work, middle child was at a friends, husband was away and youngest and his friend were fast asleep, but thankfully the eldest's girlfriend was still awake, but by the time we came downstairs the frog had hopped inside! Many comedy movements later and we'd managed to get the frog back out of the door with the assistance of a couple of flip flops. Hopefully it managed to make its way back to the pond sometime in the night, but I'll be keeping the doors closed tonight just incase.

Fresh Apricot Muffins

A few weeks ago I started to have a weekly fruit box delivery from local business, B Taylor Fruit & Vegetables, and we've been enjoying loads of lovely fruits, including many that I wouldn't usually buy. This week we've received donut peaches, kiwis, apricots and strawberries along with the regular bananas, apples, grapes and oranges. It's a great way to enjoy seasonal fruits and the kids are loving the selection. I decided to use a few of the apricots to make some muffins for a friend who had a bit of an accident over the bank holiday, in the hope of bringing a little cheer to her. The recipe is nice and simple and a great one to make with the kids as it just requires a little mixing. The baked muffins are delicious straight from the oven with vanilla ice cream or custard, or left to cool they can be drizzled with a little icing.

Fresh Apricot Muffins

Fresh Apricot Muffins

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

3 Ingredient Super Green Pancakes

What amazing "spring" weather we're enjoying at the moment! We've been spending loads of time outdoors barbecuing and possibly consuming too much booze on the weekend, especially last weekend (and the less we mention about the karaoke singing on the village green the better I think!)

During the week I try and balance out the unhealthy weekends by eating plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs and lean meat, but I do often struggle finding something to eat for breakfast that doesn't involve bread, other than eggs, mushrooms and spinach, which can get a little boring after a few days. I also prefer to eat breakfast around 10, which isn't particularly convenient on the days that I have to be out of the house around 8.30. On these mornings my healthy breakfast usually goes out of the window and I end up grabbing a crumpet or bagel for convenience.

I've now discovered a healthier alternative that gives me some extra nutrients in the morning, in the form of these Super Green Pancakes, which are great for eating on the go. Made from Naturelo Raw Greens Whole Food Powder, in a wild berry flavour, these pancakes are simple to make with just two additional ingredients.

3 Ingredient Super Green Pancakes

Naturelo sell a range of premium supplements, including multivitamins for adults, teens and children. Their whole food powder is free from GMO, Soy, Yeast, Egg, Dairy and Corn, making it suitable for vegans as well as those trying to avoid these ingredients. The powder can be mixed with water or juice as a drink, but I prefer adding a scoop to pancakes and eating them with berries.

3 Ingredient Super Green Pancakes

To be completely honest, I was a little apprehensive the first time I tried the product as I'm not keen on the after taste you sometimes find with protein powders, but I am absolutely in love with these pancakes, with their sweet nutty taste. It's really not necessary to serve them with maple syrup as the natural sweetness is enough, but who doesn't love a little syrup on their pancakes in the morning!

3 Ingredient Super Green Pancakes

3 Ingredient Super Green Pancakes - makes approx 8-10

1 scoop of Naturelo Raw Greens Whole Food Powder
75g chickpea flour
100ml almond milk
coconut oil for frying (optional)

  • Whisk the ingredients together until smooth
  • Heat a little oil in a non stick pan over a medium/high heat
  • Add approz 1 tbsp batter to the preheated pan
  • Fry for a few minutes until lightly browned 
  • Flip over and fry on the other side until lightly browned
  • Repeat until all the batter has been used

3 Ingredient Super Green Pancakes

commissioned post for Naturelo

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Cadbury Creme Egg Vodka Martini

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. 
All opinions are mine alone. #CollectiveBias

This weekend is Easter, so it will be a nice long weekend for many of us. If the weather we had last weekend is repeated then it will be a great Easter all round. We have family coming to stay but haven't made great plans that involve relying on the weather, as it's been so unpredictable recently, and I'm not quite convinced that Spring is here just yet.

Whatever the weather we can still enjoy the many bonuses that come with the Easter holidays - roast lamb and Easter eggs, to name two. My sister in law gave up chocolate for lent so we've stocked up ready for the moment she lets herself loose, and I also thought it would be nice (as she likes to enjoy a drink or three when she has a few days off work) to create a little chocolate based cocktail that she can enjoy whilst staying with us. I've made various flavour vodka's with sweets and chocolate in the past, including Malteser vodka and toffee vodka, so I thought the perfect Easter accompaniment would be a Cadbury Creme Egg Vodka, which I would use as a base for a chocolate Martini.

The Creme Egg vodka is very straightforward to make, and can be made in advance and kept in a cool place for a few weeks or even a few months (if it ever lasts that long!).  

I picked up a selection of Easter treats from my local Tesco store, which has a huge variety of Easter eggs, bags and boxed Easter treats and egg hunt kits in their seasonal aisle along the back wall near the bakery.

Once the Creme Egg Vodka has been made, it's shaken up with Baileys, chocolate syrup and a little milk to make a delicious cocktail that can be served in a number of ways. I quite like the idea of serving it in a chocolate egg, and these foil wrapped Cadbury eggs are the perfect size. Using a warm knife slice the top off the egg and fill with the cocktail, and then sit it on a nest of scrunched foil, or sit in a martini glass. Alternatively, I found these cute Smarties farmyard hollow chocolate figures that can be used as shot glass for either the Creme Egg Vodka or the cocktail. Making a hole in the top large enough for a straw can be done by carefully poking a hot skewer through the top of the figure. I then used a squeezy bottle to fill them up. 

For a more sophisticated looking cocktail it can be served in a Martini glass, drizzled with chocolate syrup on the inside, and topped with half a mini Creme Egg and some grated chocolate.


  • 3 Creme Eggs, chopped
  • 300ml vodka (I used vanilla vodka)
  • 2 tbps sugar

Add all the ingredients to a wide necked bottle or jar
Place the jar into a bowl of hot water for a few minutes
Shake the jar vigorously 
Place back into the hot water, and shake again
Repeat until the Creme eggs have completely dissolved *

* It may separate again on standing so make sure it's given a good shake before using


    • 80ml Cadbury Creme Egg Vodka
    • 40ml Baileys
    • 30ml Chocolate syrup, plus extra for serving
    • 50ml milk
    • small handful of ice

    Add all the ingredients to a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously
    Strain into a Martini glass drizzled on the inside with chocolate syrup
    Serve immediately topped with grated chocolate and half a mini Creme egg

    How will you be spending your Easter weekend?

    Hijacked By Twins

    Friday, 23 March 2018

    8 Small Kitchen Appliances you Shouldn't Live Without

    You often see articles in magazines and online telling you which kitchen gadgets are a waste of money, or which small appliances you can live without. Well today I'm here to tell you which small kitchen appliances you really shouldn't live without. I'm not saying you need all of them in your life, but if you're a keen home cook like myself, then they really do help make life easier. Incidentally, I do own ALL of the items listed, and actually own more than one food mixer and food processor. Why, you may ask? Well, why not.

    1. Food Processor
    Admittedly they're not for everyone, and many people may have one lurking at the back of their cupboard that they may have used once or twice and then forgotten about. My top tip to make sure it gets used is to have it out on the worktop. Not everyone has the space, and let's face it, some food processors are pretty ugly, but if you do have a little corner space then there are some pretty sexy beasts out there that would look good on any worktop. 

    2. Food Mixer
    The same applies for a food mixer as it does for a food processor; they take up space and are often relegated to the back of the cupboard where they lay unused for years. If you want to impress your friends then I can guarantee that a Kitchen Aid classic stand mixer sat upon your worktop will get them swooning. So many colours are available now that they work in any kitchen and act as a piece of art as well as having a practical use.
    click here to shop food mixers 

    3. Blender
    There are a few different types of blenders, and which one is best would really depend on what you're going to use it for. If you're a serious smoothie addict and don't start the day without a green smoothie then a Nutribullet is the must have blender. These are seriously powerful and can cut through frozen fruits and ice with no trouble. They also have the advantage of being portable - add a lid to the plastic jar and have your smoothie on the go. If you make a lot of soups then hand blenders are ideal as they save on so much washing up compared to a regular blender. They're not just for soups though, and (with the right attachments) can be used for milkshakes, sauces, batters, salsa and whipping cream. If you're all about looks and want something to sit on your worktop, then a jug blender could be for you.

    4. Slow Cooker
    A slow cooker is the must have small appliance for the busy family. Pop a few ingredients in the pot before you leave for work and hey presto you have a meal ready when you walk through the door later on. They're not just for soups and stews, and are ideal for cooking a whole chicken, pulled pork and even cakes and desserts.

    5. Pressure Cooker or Instant Pot
    A pressure cooker is similar to a slow cooker, but the opposite, if that makes sense! I use my pressure cooker to cook many of the meals that I would cook in my slow cooker, but it's perfect for procrastinators just like me, especially those that work from home. I may have every intention of cooking a meal in the slow cooker but get distracted, and by lunchtime realise that I've left it too late, so out comes the pressure cooker and I can cook the same meal in a fraction of the time.

    6. Microwave
    Not everyone likes a microwave, and many people that get rid of them say that they don't miss it. I'm not one of those people, and use my microwave multiple times a day. It's used to defrost bagels for breakfast, heat milk for morning coffee, cook a spud for lunch and reheat a meal for those members of the family that aren't home for dinner. Microwaves usually have a one touch start, making them easy to use even for the kids, and mine can often be found making mug cakes in ours, or Mum's Emergency Microwave Chocolate Cake, for those moments when you need pudding in a hurry!

    7. Toaster
    We eat a lot of toast here, morning, noon & night, and it's one of the first small appliances that the kids get to use as part of teaching them to become independent. As long as nobody touches the dial you get a perfectly cooked meal every time. I guess we could manage without one, but think of all those wasted slices of burnt toast that are thrown away when the kids get distracted by their phone & take their eye off the grill. You can even get toasters that cook an egg on the side at the same time!

    8. Air Fryer
    If you love chips but are also trying to eat a little healthier then an air fryer is a must. Beautifully cooked chips, made with little oil, in around 25 minutes. They're not just for chips though, and depending on the model and the attachments it comes with, you can also make risottos, stir fry's, roasted veggies, crispy chicken, and so much more. I've even made bolognese in mine!

    Which small kitchen appliances will you be buying next?

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    Tuesday, 20 March 2018

    Cadbury Creme Egg Chocolate Brownies

    Easter is just around the corner, which means that chocolate will be coming out of our ears pretty soon. Why wait until Easter to eat Creme Eggs though, especially as they've been in the shops since Christmas, unless of course you've given up chocolate for lent, in which case you'll have to wait a couple more weeks!

    Chocolate brownies are a very popular dessert in this household, especially served warm with vanilla ice cream. For these Cadbury Creme Egg brownies I used the same recipe as my Jammie Dodger Brownies but increased the quantity slightly as I wanted the brownies to be thick enough to surround the Creme Egg half.

    Crispy on the top and rich and gooey inside. So indulgent and hard to resist.

    If you want neat squares then wait until fully cooled before slicing, however if you can't wait then just grab a spoon and dive in whilst they're still warm!

    Cadbury Creme Egg Chocolate Brownies - makes 12

    250g butter
    240g dark chocolate
    325g caster sugar
    4 medium eggs
    80g cocoa powder
    70g plain flour
    1 tsp baking powder
    6 Cadbury Creme eggs, halved
    • Add the butter & chocolate to a saucepan over a low heat and stir until melted
    • Set aside until cooled slightly
    • Whisk the sugar & eggs together until pale and creamy and doubled in size
    • Sift together the cocoa powder, flour and baking powder
    • Whisk the melted chocolate & butter into the eggs and sugar
    • Fold in the flour, cocoa powder & baking powder until fully combined
    • Pour mixture into a baking tin lined with baking paper (I used 11 x 7 inch pan)
    • Bake in a preheated 160 degree C oven for 20 minutes
    • Add the Creme Egg halves before baking for an additional 20 minutes - you want the top to be crispy and the centre to be a little gooey

    Hijacked By Twins

    Sunday, 4 March 2018

    SPAM Appreciation Week : Recipe & Giveaway

    It's that time of the year again when we need to give SPAM the appreciation that it deserves. SPAM appreciation week is here again and it's an opportunity for SPAM fans across the UK to show their love for the iconic chopped pork and ham.

    You may not know that SPAM is made from a minimum of 90% quality shoulder pork and leg ham (hand cut off the bone), mixed with a little water, sugar, salt & spices before being cooked in the can.

    Once out of the can SPAM is extremely versatile and can be used in all manner of recipes. Last year I shared SPAM's recipe for a delicious SPAM Tear & Share, and previously I've shared recipes for Spicy SPAM Paella (which was extremely good!) and SPAM & Bean Pie (a great midweek family meal). 

    This recipe for SPAM Bubble & Squeak is a a great way to use up any Sunday lunch leftovers that you may have, so make sure you pop a can or two of SPAM in your cupboard ready for those moments when you need a quick & easy meal. 

    SPAM Bubble & Squeak
    1 x 340g can of SPAM® Chopped Pork and Ham – diced
    500g potato, cooked and mashed
    100g cabbage or sprouts cooked and finely chopped) Or 300g of other cooked vegetables
    200g cooked parsnips and carrot cooked and finely chopped
    100g leeks, finely sliced
    1 clove of garlic, crushed
    20g Butter
    Salt and freshly ground black pepper
    Fresh parsley, finely chopped 

    • Fry the diced SPAM® Chopped Pork and Ham in a large dry pan until golden. Put into a warm bowl and keep warm
    • Clean the pan and melt the butter
    • Lightly fry the sliced leeks and crushed garlic in the melted butter, stirring constantly over a low heat until softened but still retaining their colour
    • In a medium bowl mix together the cooked vegetables, season well with salt and pepper and add to the pan, stirring well to combine and heat through
    • Add half of the diced cooked SPAM® Chopped Pork and Ham to the vegetable mixture in the frying pan, stir well until hot, top with the rest of the diced cooked SPAM® Chopped Pork and Ham
    • Sprinkle with chopped fresh parsley and serve.

    GIVEAWAY - Win a SPAM branded Under Armour jacket worth £70
    With all this cold weather we're having at the moment you're going to need something to keep yourself warm. In association with SPAM I'm giving away a limited edition Under Armour jacket worth £70. All you have to do to be in with a chance is follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter form below. Closes midnight 18th March 2018.

    For more SPAM recipes visit , along with these blogs :

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    this post has been commissioned by SPAM UK

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