The Crazy Kitchen: June 2011

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Wednesday 8 June 2011

My Daddy Cooks .......but not in this house!

Earlier this week I received my lovely shiny new copy of My Daddy Cooks. I've heard so much about it that I just had to get it, I am a sucker for cookery books, they make great bedtime reading.....especially when I'm on a diet, I just drool over the pictures.

My Daddy Cooks has been written by Nick Coffer who, due to the recession, lost his business and found himself being a stay at home Dad to his gorgeous toddler Archie. He started a blog to give himself something to focus on and a place to document what he and Archie were cooking. Now the blog is a full-time activity which has led to a whole new career for Nick.

Tuesday night the Husband was away so My Daddy Cooks came to bed with me instead. It was the perfect bed companion, no stealing all the covers, no snoring and definitely no farting, it just lay there quietly all night....snuggled on top of Prepped.

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