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Wednesday 16 July 2014

Seasonal Recipes - Pimms Pavlovas

I do enjoy a glass (or jug) of Pimms in the garden in the summer, and last weekend I decided to use a drop or two of my Pimms to create a dessert. This is perfect to serve at a dinner party as they can be fully prepared in advance, as well as looking a little bit special, which will impress your friends.

They may not look that easy to make, but trust me, they are a lot easier than they look. As long as you have a food mixer or electric whisk they won't even take much effort.

Pimms Pavlovas Pimms Pavlovas

Pimms Pavlovas Pimms Pavlovas

Seasonal Recipes - Pimms Pavlovas

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1 comment:

  1. Those look amazing. I love trying out pavlova variations. My favourite is pistachio but I'm going to try this one. A good dinner party conversation piece!


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