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Wednesday 13 February 2013

Sweet Valentine Puffs

We don't 'do' Valentines Day in our house* but what a good excuse to make heart shaped puffs. I posted a recipe for some savoury ones last week as well as some heart shaped shortbread ice-cream sandwiches, but these little morsels of loveliness are a must, and so easy.


All you need is a pack of puff pastry, or the ready rolled to make it even easier, and your choice of fillings.

I made chocolate orange and banana and caramel. The chocolate orange was a spoonful of chocolate spread and a spoonful of tangy orange marmalade (the Asda fine cut marmalade actually tastes just like Jaffa cakes). For the banana puffs I chopped some banana and drizzled some caramel sauce over.

I cut the top heart slightly larger than the bottom to make sure there was plenty of room for filling, brushed beaten egg around the edge, sealed with a fork and then brushed with more beaten egg and baked in an 180 C oven for approx 10 minutes.



With the scraps this time I layered them on top of one another, rolled them flat & covered with sliced banana and chocolate spread mixed with caramel sauce & baked in the oven.....just delicious (apparently!)

*well I didn't think we did Valentines Day, until I was presented with this tonight...


I've linked this recipe up to Nazima & Laura's One Ingredient challenge, which for February is banana's,


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