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Thursday 7 February 2013

Strawberry Ice Cream Shortbread Sandwich

If you're a big romantic and looking for a way to impress your loved one this Valentines Day then these are perfect as an afternoon treat, for after dinner or even a naughty breakfast. You can make them in advance and assemble them just before you need them.


Strawberry Ice Cream Shortbread Sandwich

200g Condensed milk
200g Greek Gods Honey & Strawberry yoghurt
150g Double cream
1 batch of shortbread dough ( I used my sugar free shortbread recipe)
Strawberry Jam (I used home-made Sugar free but you can use store bought)

  • Whisk the condensed milk, yoghurt and cream until thick
  • Pour into a baking tin, lined with baking paper, to approx 1cm thick - I used a 12x9" pan
  • Freeze for 1.5-2 hours, until set but still soft enough to cut easily
  • Make the shortbread dough as per the recipe 
  • Cut out hearts with a cookie cutter and bake for 10-12 mins
  • Cut hearts out of the ice cream with the same size cutter and replace in the freezer until needed
  • Once the shortbread is cooled spread the reverse side with jam

  • Sandwich an ice cream heart between 2 shortbread hearts

  • Dust with icing sugar

I was supplied with vouchers to enable me to buy Greek Gods yoghurts

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