The Crazy Kitchen: Buttermilk Pancakes - OXO Good Grips Review

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Sunday 17 February 2013

Buttermilk Pancakes - OXO Good Grips Review

I love gadgets in the kitchen and OXO Good Grips are always a welcome addition to my kitchen. I was sent a pancake making set but unfortunately it wasn't here in time for pancake day last week, however, in my opinion, pancakes are definitely not just for pancake day.


The silicone balloon whisk is great for whisking in smaller containers, such as jugs, as it's flexible and fits easily into the sides. The stainless steel bowl has a non slip base which helps when beating. as well as looking good with its white plastic exterior.


The best gadget has to be the silicone pancake turner, with thin flexible edges and larger than most spatulas, perfect for flipping pancakes, eggs and burgers. 


The favourite pancakes in this house are by far American pancakes and last week I tried out a great recipe from Belleau kitchen. At the time I didn't have any buttermilk but this time tried them with the buttermilk as per the recipe and they were so much better - lovely and thick, but light, just as buttermilk pancakes should be.


Served the American way, with crispy bacon and maple syrup.



I was sent the utensils for the purpose of this review

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