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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Home Made Healthy Pot Noodle

Last week I started exercising and eating healthy(ish). I often struggle at lunchtimes with knowing what to eat that doesn't involve too much prep, and just grab a few crispbreads, which don't tend to be very filling. I decided to get organised and chop some veggies ready for lunches for a few days, as well as precooking some noodles and chick peas.

I had seen a Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall show a few days previously where he had made his own pot noodles. I wondered if I could do something similar that could be prepared in advance and eaten at home or at work, but healthy at the same time.

I had some sachets of Miso soup in the cupboard, which to be honest, I'm not very keen on just on it's own but they came in handy for my pot noodle.

Firstly I took a little of each of my vegetables, chick peas and noodles and added them to a travel mug.

Home Made Healthy Pot NoodleHome Made Healthy Pot Noodle
I then squeezed the sachet of Miso on the top and poured boiling water onto it, and stirred. Hey presto, a pot noodle in an instant!

Home Made Healthy Pot Noodle

If your veggies and noodles have come straight from the fridge you might want to warm them up a little in the microwave but I found that room temperature ingredients produced a noodle soup that was just right.


  1. Great idea! Think this would create se excitement in our house. ;) x

  2. That would be Rob's idea of heaven :-) We do a lot of noodle things. He did do one in a noodle pot ( from SUCK UK ) just before Christmas, it was yummy :-)

  3. That looks amazing. Miso is the best x

  4. i dont know if i have ever tried miso before but anyway i like the sound of these yumx

  5. Hmmmm this looks delicious, I am on a little bit of health kick so may have to give this a go! Or Mr E can for me. ;)

  6. That is an amazing idea! I love noodles and I'm a veggie who sometimes feels a little bit uninspired at lunchtime. These would be perfect.

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