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Wednesday 19 October 2011

Dairy Free Chocolate Ice Cream

Earlier in the year I posted a recipe for Eggless Vanilla Cupcakes, which I made for Jack to take into Pre-school on his birthday. One of the little boys has a dairy & egg allergy so I wanted to make cakes that they could all eat. More recently his Mum has been given the go ahead to introduce Soya into his diet which makes life a lot easier when it comes to puddings and desserts as, being one of a twin, it has been particularly difficult to find suitable alternatives to yoghurts and ice cream that his brother is able to eat.

When I was contacted by Alpro and asked if I would like to sample some of their products I thought it would be  a great opportunity to try and make 'Jude friendly' ice-cream using the Soya custard and single cream to see how it worked out. I first made a chocolate sauce up by using dark muscovado sugar, cocoa powder and boiling water - around 2 tablespoons of each. This was then mixed together with the cream and custard and poured into the ice cream maker.

Ice cream made with Alpro

The end result was great and Sam & Hanna both really enjoyed it. I also made some non Jude friendly chocolate ice cream the same way using instant custard made up with milk instead of water and double cream.

Ice cream made with dairy cream

The kids did prefer the taste of the dairy ice cream but for someone with a dairy allergy or who is lactose intolerant then the soya is a great alternative. If you are like me and on a permanent diet then the Alpro cream is a great as it has 45% less saturated fat than standard single cream.

I'm also going to be making dairy free chocolate truffles soon so make sure you pop back for that.

Alpro Soya cream and custard are available in all major supermarkets


I was sent Alpro ready to serve custard and single cream for the purpose of this review.


  1. never tried using custard, can I have the recipe please (
    Interesting and well done on the freebies, when I asked them they told me they didnt do freebies. Also surprised at you being allowed to take in home made food, something that not allowed at grandsons school. Daughter was told could not take him a cake in that the kids could eat - but that they had to supply 1 as ever child had to get - but bought a normal cake for grandsons b'day and gave ever child except him a bit...very annoying

  2. that's terrible about the cake, which is why I made cakes that all of them could eat, it didn't seem fair that one should miss out....all I did for the ice cream was mix the custard with the cream & the cocoa/sugar/water mix

  3. Helen this is great because earlier today my OH's mum wondered if you could make soya ice cream as one of her grandchildren has a dairy intolerance, and then I find your recipe! A genius is what you are :) xx

  4. ah, shucks, you're embarrassing me now!
    Let me know if she tries it & how it turns out

  5. I need to dig the ice-cream machine out of the cupboard and put it into the freezer; so much cheaper and easier than buying! A brilliant recipe, one I'll be sure to try out with the ingredients. Prod me and tell me why you use custard though?

  6. many recipes for ice cream have egg yolks in to make a custard but this is much easier (and cheaper) than making it yourself. I've bought the fresh custard before but it's quite expensive & this tastes the same in ice cream.

  7. That looks delicious, I need to make some of my own xx


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