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Thursday 6 October 2011

Recipe Shed - Cakes & Bakes

Last week I was having a good look through my recipe box for inspiration for this weeks Recipe Shed challenge and also Jenny's Halloween themed 'I love Cake'. My recipe box is a huge collection of recipes that have been ripped out of magazines mostly with the intention of sticking them into a book when I make them, marking up any amendments that I've made so I would know how to make it again. One day I hope to get around to doing this but for now they're in a box at the top of Sams wardrobe. In this box I found what must be the oldest recipe I have and I don't know where it came from or how it got to be in my box but here it is :


For those of you that can't read my 12 year old scrawl it's a recipe for Cold Tea Cake that I had taken from Saturday Superstore and made on 30th January 1983. If you're too young to know what Saturday Superstore was you didn't miss much, except maybe for the extremely memorable moment in 1984 when the 80's band Matt Bianco got called a bunch of Wankers live on air, that is a moment that has stuck with me ever since and just in case you missed it you can watch it on good old You Tube here.

Back to the cooking, and Keith's theme for this week is Cakes & Bakes so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try out this Cold Tea Cake and see if it really is as good as I remember it.


8oz / 225g SR Flour
6oz / 175g Demerara Sugar
6fl oz / 170ml Cold Tea
8oz / 225g Sultanas
1 egg
pinch of Salt

  • Mix together then dollup into a loaf tin and cook in oven.
  • Cook at 180 degrees C.

  1. I added 2 tbsp of milk to the mixture as it was a bit dry - I'm not sure if this was due to using wholemeal flour or the extra large jug lacking small increments.
  2. I greased & lined the loaf pan with baking paper before 'dolluping' the mixture in
  3. Bake for approx 1 hour.
  4. No it is no mistake, it really doesn't have any butter in - that means it's healthy right?

It could have perhaps done with a few minutes less in the oven but I was too busy tweeting & forgot about it! 

Lovely served with butter or (shhhh don't tell anyone or they'll think I'm weird) cheese & chutney....yum!

Recipe Shed

9th September 2013 : I've added this post to The Good Life Mum's 'Bake It Monday' where the theme is 'Nostalgic'


  1. Mmm I love tea cake....well I love cake ha ha! I remember Saturday superstore presented by mike Reid! I had the board game from the pop quiz they did on that show ha ha! Going live was my fav though with Phillip and Sarah :)
    Anyway, I may well give this a go for nostalgia if nothing else x

  2. I think I was well into pubs & drinking by the time Going Live started so I was probably nursing a hangover when it was on!! x

  3. I would slather this baby with half a packet of Lurpak. I love tea cake. Quintessentially English!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Next week's theme is going to be more general; MOREISH MAINS FOR DINNERTIME INSPIRATION

  4. glad I'm not the only one that likes plenty of butter on.....will have to have a good think for next week but I'm not so good with the savouries I'm afraid!

  5. oh this looks great i think this is one that will make it into my recipe folder too thank you so much for linking to Bake it at The good life mum xx


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