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Thursday 27 October 2011

Cooking With Your Toddler - Chocolate Truffles

This was going to be a Cooking With Your Toddler post but the Toddler has deserted me - he's gone on his holidays to Nanny's, for a well deserved rest. I was then going to do a 'Cooking With Your Toddler's Big Sister' post instead, but she got a better offer of DVD's and tea at a friends.

So in the end I made these Chocolate Truffles on my own.......but you could make them with your Toddler if you wish. It can get a bit messy but Toddler's like mess, especially edible mess.

You will need

200g 70% dark Chocolate
150g Alpro Soya Cream*

*You can use double cream but Alpro Soya cream is a healthier alternative and also suitable for those with dairy free diets.

  • Break the chocolate into small pieces into a microwaveable bowl.
  • Heat in 10-15 second bursts, stirring in between, until all the chocolate has melted.
  • Warm the cream in another bowl, or pan over a low heat.
  • Stir the cream into the chocolate & combine well.


  • Allow mixture to cool at room temperature before placing in the fridge for 30 minutes.
  • Once it has cooled mould into small balls - you can use a spoon or your hands - it does get a bit messy with your hands.
  • Roll the balls in cocoa, chopped nuts, coconut or sprinkles - I used chocolate flakes.

As there are no preservatives in the truffles they should be eaten within a few days of making.

They would be great as Christmas presents, presented in a small box - just remember not to make them too soon and don't leave the present under the Christmas tree for days!

You can also add a dash of rum or brandy to the mixture before refrigerating (just don't give those ones to the kids!)


Please come and look at other bloggers great recipes in the Linky below and feel free to add your own. The linky is ongoing.

I was provided with a pot of Alpro Cream to try the truffle recipe out.

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