The Crazy Kitchen: Lemon Pepper Chicken (in the Actifry)

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Friday 27 February 2015

Lemon Pepper Chicken (in the Actifry)

There are not many kitchen gadgets or small appliances that I can say have been worth their weight in gold, but I can honestly say that the Tefal Actifry has earned it's place on my kitchen shelf, and not been pushed to the back of the cupboard.

We mostly use it for healthy chips, wedges or roast potatoes, and it's so simple that even the husband can use it. From time to time I do the odd stir fry in it, but as it's not large enough to make stir fry for the whole family, I only really use it when I'm making lunch for myself or dinner for two.

It is, however, large enough to cook enough chicken or pork for all of us in only 10 minutes, which can then be added to fried rice, pasta or vegetables.

Lemon pepper chicken is a dish I like to make myself for lunch as it's really quick and takes little effort, as well as being really tasty, with enough pepper in it to give it a nice kick.

Lemon Pepper Chicken (in the Actifry)

Lemon Pepper Chicken - serves 1

1 chicken breast
juice of 1 lemon
1 tsp ground black pepper (more or less depending on your taste)
1 tsp dark soy sauce
1 tsp olive oil
  • Cut the chicken into thin strips & place in a bowl
  • Add the lemon juice, black pepper, soy sauce & olive oil and mix to combine
  • Add to the Actifry and spread around to avoid it sticking together
  • Cook for 10 minutes (this may vary slightly depending on the thickness of your chicken. ensure it's fully cooked before serving)

I served with fried brown basmati rice and vegetables

Lemon Pepper Chicken (in the Actifry) Lemon Pepper Chicken (in the Actifry) Lemon Pepper Chicken (in the Actifry)

Weight Watchers Filling & Healthy : This is suitable for Weight Watchers filling & healthy and is completely free if you use the olive oil from your healthy oil allowance.

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