The Crazy Kitchen: 10 Easy Fillings for Pancake Day (sweet & savoury)

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Friday 6 February 2015

10 Easy Fillings for Pancake Day (sweet & savoury)

Pancake day doesn't just have to be about syrup and lemon. It doesn't just have to be about indulgent sweet feelings either. Here I have 10 quick and easy pancake fillings which are both sweet and savoury. Some are healthy and some are less so. 

How do you prefer your pancakes?

10 Easy Fillings for Pancake Day (sweet & savoury)

5 Savoury Pancake Fillings

Bacon, egg & tomato
An unsweetened pancake with rashers of crispy bacon, fried cherry tomatoes and a runny egg.


Barbecue chicken salad
Strips of cooked chicken breast tossed lightly in bbq sauce, with lots of salad leaves

Barbecue chicken salad pancake

Cheese, tomato & basil
Cottage cheese, tomato slices, black pepper and fresh basil leaves

Cheese, tomato & basil pancake

Cheesy Mushrooms
Fried chestnut mushrooms with melted Wensleydale cheese

Cheesy Mushrooms pancake

Spicy Beans & Cheese
Baked beans mixed with chilli powder & covered in grated Monterey Jack cheese

Spicy Beans & Cheese pancake

5 Sweet Pancake Fillings

Chocolate orange
Chocolate sauce or spread with slices of tinned mandarin orange segments

Chocolate orange pancake

Strawberry Cheesecake
Cream cheese mixed with lemon yogurt and spooned over fresh strawberries

Strawberry Cheesecake pancake

Black Forest
Morello cherries, chocolate sauce and whipped cream

Black Forest pancake

Cinnamon Apple

Bramley apple sauce (1 apple, 1 tbsp syrup, pinch of cinnamon, microwaved for 2 minutes), raisins and whipped cream

Cinnamon Apple pancake

Lemon & syrup
Not forgetting the classic lemon & syrup; simple but delicious!

Lemon & syrup pancake

Thank you to Abra-ca-Debora for their pancakes, Sweet Freedom for Choc Shot liquid chocolate and naturally sweetened syrup & Clarks for their Carob syrup, all of which I received free of charge.

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