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Wednesday 4 February 2015

Chocolate Treacle Tart

When you've got three growing kids working their way through the contents of the fridge and cupboards it's good to have some dessert recipes that can be made quickly, easily and cheaply. Treacle tarts are a very cheap dessert to make, with the bulk of the filling being made up of breadcrumbs and golden syrup, and once you've made the pastry case the filling can easily be mixed together by the kids.

This version has the addition of cocoa powder to both the pastry and filling, and can be made with or without the crunchy topping. It was a massive hit with my kids (as well as a friend who visited), and one dessert that I'll be making again very soon. 

Chocolate Treacle Tart Chocolate Treacle Tart Chocolate Treacle Tart Chocolate Treacle Tart

Find the full recipe here.

this recipe has been commissioned by Great British Chefs

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