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Thursday 10 April 2014

New Chocolates from Cadbury

So, just when I'm getting myself into this Paleo diet business (of a sorts - cavemen ate fruit, grapes are a fruit, grapes make wine, therefore wine is Paleo friendly, right?), I receive chocolate in the post, how is that for timing! I didn't just receive one package though, I received two! I shouldn't really complain, it makes my kids happy and happy kids make for a happy Mum.

 photo CadburyEasterjpg_zps8ead4434.jpg

Products in the Cadbury Easter range this year include one of my favourite chocolate bars - Freddo. Freddo's are great, just a small amount of chocolate which is perfect for a little treat. The little Freddo Easter egg contains Freddo faces which are like mini Freddo bars and great for the younger chocolate lover.

For the older ones, including chocolate loving adults, there is the Marvellous Creations egg, which contains 2 bars of Marvellous Creations, in cookie nut crunch and jelly popping candy varieties.

Another Easter treat that I was excited to see was the Daim eggs - Cadbury milk chocolate with Daim bar bits. I cut one of these open and could smell the Daim straight away, although I couldn't see any visible bits in it - I'm looking forward to Easter when I am going to allow myself a couple (or few) of these little beauties!

 photo cadburyeaster2jpg_zpsfc7af048.jpg

A few weeks ago I saw the new Cadbury chocolate with Ritz crackers and I got very very excited - I love Ritz and I love the combination of chocolate with a salty cracker - chocolate covered pretzels being one of my favourite combinations. When I first tried this bar I was a little disappointed though, for me I felt that there could have been a little more cracker - crazy huh? I sometimes have to question my own sanity, who in their right mind wants more cracker with their chocolate! I am willing to give it a second opinion though and am saving this for a weekend treat.

 photo cadburyritzjpg_zps565405f8.jpg

The kids on the other hand absolutely loved the Cadbury Lu bar - Lu Prince biscuits are always the biscuits that we buy when on holiday overseas, a light biscuit sandwich with a chocolate cream in the middle, yum! It's a bit like a rich tea biscuit but better, and the kids assured me that it was a great combination with the Cadbury milk chocolate.

 photo cadburyritz2jpg_zpsc79790f3.jpg  

I received the Cadbury chocolate for the purpose of this review

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