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Tuesday 25 March 2014

An Early Mother's Day Tiramisu

As many of my readers would know, I do love a challenge. A challenge involving some luxurious chocolates is one that I'm never going to turn down, and if those chocolates are made by Lindt then that's even better.

 photo lindtdessertsjpg_zpsbe825873.jpg 
I was sent a couple of boxes of Lindt Creation Dessert chocolates and challenged to recreate one of the desserts. I've never made a Tiramisu before, apart from a mini one at a cookery masterclass in London (which was a joint effort so doesn't really count), so I thought it would be a great opportunity to give it a go.

Many Tiramisu recipes include alcohol of some sort, whether it be rum, Tia Maria or Marsala wine but I chose not to add any to mine as my kids don't like the taste of alcohol in food (I know, I know, give it time...). To be honest they don't really like the taste of coffee either but I wasn't prepared to omit the coffee too.

Alcohol Free Tiramisu

Alcohol Free Tiramisu

2 tbsp Instant coffee granules (I used Beanies Double Chocolate coffee)
250ml boiling water
200g Boudoir fingers 
250g Mascarpone cheese
300ml Double cream
3 tbsp soft brown sugar
1 Cadbury flake
  • Mix the coffee and boiling water together until dissolved
  • Add some of the coffee to a shallow dish
  • One by one roll the boudoir fingers in the coffee soaking some of the coffee up, making sure it doesn't go soggy
  • Lay the finger into your dish or trifle bowl (I used a round trifle dish so broke the fingers in half to fit around the dish)
  • Repeat with more fingers until the base of the dish is filled with one layer
  • Whisk the mascarpone, cream, sugar and 2tbsp of the coffee together until soft peaks form
  • Add one third of the mixture on top of the fingers and smooth over
  • Repeat the layers finishing off with the third layer of creamy mixture
  • Crush the flake and sprinkle over the top
  • Place in the fridge for a few hours or overnight, until firmed up

Alcohol Free Tiramisu Alcohol Free Tiramisu

Surprisingly my kids absolutely loved this, as did my Mum, who loves coffee but has never enjoyed Tiramisu before. Definitely a big hit this one and quite an impressive looking dessert in my gorgeous little trifle dish that I picked up in Sainsbury's before Christmas but hadn't yet used.

Those eagle eyed readers amongst you will notice that the picture of the chocolates next to the Tirasimu are actually Creme Brulees and not the Tirasimu chocolate - whoops, my mistake. Once I noticed my mistake it was too late as all the Tirasimu's had all been eaten from one box and I had already given the other box to my Mum as an early Mother's Day present! Note to self to pay more attention in future.

I was provided with 2 boxes of Lindt chocolates for this fun challenge

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