The Crazy Kitchen: Home-made [cheats] Walnut Whips

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Monday 3 March 2014

Home-made [cheats] Walnut Whips

When I saw the beautiful looking marshmallow that Jenny had made here, I told her that it looked like the kind of marshmallow filling you would find in a walnut whip, which got me thinking of walnut whips. I haven't had one for years, in fact I remember the last time I had one - in 2007 at a motorway service station on the way back from finding out I had suffered a miscarriage. The pack of 3 walnut whips didn't take away the pain, but they sure helped.

I decided at that moment that I wanted to make some walnut whips of my own and ordered a silicone dariole mould straight away. I'm a little impatient so as soon as the mould arrived I wanted to make them, but I don't have a particularly accurate thermometer, so I cheated and used a jar of Marshmallow Fluff. Next time I promise that I will make my own marshmallow as it's something that I've wanted to make for ages but never got around to. 

You wouldn't really be wanting to make these if you're a big walnut whip eater as they do take quite a while, but they are fun to make, kind of, albeit a bit messy. They took me the best part of Friday morning to make and when everyone came home from work/school they took the grand total of 5 seconds to disappear!

Home-made Walnut Whips

Walnut Whips - makes 6

approx 200g good quality milk or dark chocolate, melted
1/2 jar of Marshmallow Fluff
12 walnut halves
  • Use enough melted chocolate to coat the insides of the dariole moulds and allow to set
  • Add another coat of chocolate and allow to set again
  • Once completely set, spoon the fluff into the cavities a little at a time
  • Once full press a walnut half onto the top
  • Use more melted chocolate to cover the fluff  and walnut
  • Allow to set fully before turning out
  • Use a little melted chocolate to attach another walnut half to the top of the walnut whip

Home-made Walnut Whips Home-made Walnut Whips

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  1. I love these! They look so perfect and easy to do, what a fabulous idea xx


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