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Thursday 20 March 2014

Sous Vide BBQ Sausages

Before I had my Sous Vide I used to think that it was just a posh way of cooking meat and not something that would fit into a family kitchen. Over the past couple of weeks the Sous Vide has definitely proved its worth in this busy family kitchen and has become and ideal solution to cooking dinner whilst I'm out of the house.

A slow cooker is great for making stews and casseroles but what about when you plan to have chops or sausages for your dinner.  With the sous vide the meat can sit in its warm bath of water for anywhere between one & four hours (depending on the cut of meat and temperature of the water) and then be finished off in a hot pan, or even a bbq.

Last weekend the weather was lovely again and perfect for a spot of outdoor cooking, but instead of risking the sausages ending up like a lump of charcoal I popped them in the sous vide at 65C for a couple of hours and then straight onto the hot bbq to brown off. Remember that the sausages are already completely cooked through in the sous vide hence avoiding any risk of them being undercooked.

Sous Vide BBQ Sausages

These were our usual brand of Cumberland sausages but I can honestly say that they had a much more intense flavour than normal, which I assume is due to the cooking method.

I can't wait until the Summer now for plenty of hassle free barbecues with friends.

I also managed to cook some boiled eggs, although I've realised that I didn't take a note of the temperature or cooking time after the 2nd successful attempt so I'm kind of back to square one with that one!

Sous Vide Boiled Eggs

The eggs were good though so I will be trying them again and taking notes next time.

Sous Vide recipes

I was provided with the Sous Vide Discovery Thermo Circulator for the purpose of review

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