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Wednesday 29 May 2013

The Ultimate Caramel Mochaccino with Tassimo

There's no denying it, I do love a good cup of coffee in the morning. It may be the only cup of the day so I like it to be a good one, usually a strong espresso or a cappuccino made with skimmed or almond milk.

When Tassimo offered to send me one of their machines and a few coffee pods I was more than happy to try it out. 

 photo tassimo_zps65a9bf83.jpg

I received a Tassimo TAS 20xx in black and after having a quick browse through the instructions it was up and running. Fill the tank with water, pop a pod in, close the compartment, press a button and away you go, simple. For cappuccino's and lattes you can pop a milk pod in and out comes hot frothy milk, genius.

 photo tassimo2_zps5b62270d.jpg

You can even dispense hot water, which is very handy for my cups of herbal tea, much quicker than boiling the kettle.

I was challenged by Tassimo to have a play about with my Tassimo and create a unique drink with a twist, so here's mine, which I have named The Ultimate Caramel Mochaccino...

You will need :

Tassimo Machine 
1 x Costa Espresso pod
1 x Costa Milk pod
3 Rolo's
10g Mini chocolate chunks
2 Marshmallows
Squirty Cream
Caramel Sauce, chocolate chunks & Cocoa Powder for decoration (optional)

  • Insert the Espresso pod into the Tassimo and dispense into a large mug or heatproof glass
  • Stir the Rolo's and chocolate chunks into the hot coffee until dissolved
  • Insert the milk pod into the Tassimo and dispense into the glass
  • Pop the 2 marshmallows into the frothy milk
  • Top with squirty cream and decorate with chosen toppings

     photo mochaccino_zps7e877f2a.jpg

This is a lovely rich and creamy drink, of which you couldn't drink many, and I would dread to think of the calorie content. Not something that I would drink every day, I think I'll stick to my Espressso's and save these for very very special occasions! 

 photo mochaccino2_zpsda2936b2.jpg

 photo Tassimo_Badge_zps3325083f.jpg

I was sent the Tassimo machine for the purpose of review and this challenge 

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