The Crazy Kitchen: Dr Oetker Cake Decorations....not just for cakes

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Saturday 18 May 2013

Dr Oetker Cake Decorations....not just for cakes

Dr Oetker (pronounced Urtker) , founded in 1893, has a massive range of home baking products including baking powders, chocolates, icings, cake decorations and mixes.

I was sent a variety of cake decorations to use out in my baking, so, as you do,  decided to make some fancy ice creams with them.

These are decorated with Soft Shimmer Pearls, Wafer Daisies and and Chocolate Hearts  , so pretty. 

 photo icecream1_zps33e3177d.jpg photo icecream2_zpsd21251a4.jpg photo icecream3_zps10ba0365.jpg photo icecream4_zps747f830c.jpg

I have been sent a selection of Dr Oetker products to use in my baking


  1. very pretty, never eat ice cream personally but what a great treat for the kids


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