The Crazy Kitchen: Millies Cookies Ice Cream & Chocolate Ice Cream Pops

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Wednesday 27 June 2012

Millies Cookies Ice Cream & Chocolate Ice Cream Pops

I've used Angel Delight Ice Cream a few times now. I made Arctic Roll with it as well as adding extra ingredients to it. In my BritMums Live goody bag there was a Crocs lollipop maker so I gave them a go with chocolate Angel Delight ice cream. They turned out really well, although are a bit fragile on the sticks - you need to run the mould under hot water for a few moments & gently ease it away from the ice cream.


Yesterday I picked up a box of Millies Cookies whilst in London and to save arguments over the remaining flavours I decided to break them all up and add them to the remaining chocolate ice cream, which worked really well as the cookies are quite soft.


We will continue to experiment with the ice cream and share our results here.

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