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Friday 15 June 2012

Delightful Ice Cream

Now before I start, this is NOT a sponsored post nor did I receive the product for review, it's just so good I wanted to share.

As I've said previously, my kids love Ice cream and whilst I do like to make my own from time to time I don't always get the time, and often can't be bothered with the hassle of the ice cream maker and having to remember to freeze it the day before I want to make the ice cream.

Last week I spotted packs of Angel Delight ice cream whilst in Asda and thought I'd give them a go, especially as they were only £1 for a twin pack. I bought the vanilla, butterscotch and Chocolate flavours and have so far tried the chocolate and butterscotch.

You make the mix up like regular Angel Delight, by mixing the powder into milk. I whisked it up in my Kitchen Aid until it was light and fluffy and put it into a plastic box ready for freezing. At this point you can add extra ingredients if you want. To the chocolate I added chocolate chips and chocolate and toffee sauces and mixed them through the ice cream. To the butterscotch I mixed in butterscotch chips and added some toffee sauce and toffee buttons to the top. Pop it in the freezer for 4 hours and you have a lovely semi-homemade ice-cream.

I was expecting the ice cream to taste like Angel Delight, but it didn't, it was much nicer - just like a good quality ice cream, even though I only used skimmed milk. With around 90 calories per 100ml of the ice cream (without extras) it makes a low calorie treat too, if you don't have too much.


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