The Crazy Kitchen: The Great Bloggers Bake Off - Week 7 Round Up

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Sunday 6 October 2013

The Great Bloggers Bake Off - Week 7 Round Up

Wow, what a choux-tastic week it has been in the Great Bloggers Bake Off. With no less than 17 choux creations, ranging from profiteroles to eclairs and nuns to angels. All looked amazing and it's just a shame that we don't get the opportunity to try them all like the real Mary & Paul do - maybe best though considering that myself & Jenny Berry are already a few pounds heavier than when this series started!

The suet puddings were also a popular choice this week, resulting in lots of happy family members and lots of full pudding laden tummies. I've never made Spotted Dick before but I really want to make one now. Sadly no-one made their own puff pastry as it seems everyone was too busy with choux to bother with all that rolling & folding and chilling - I can see why though as choux buns are pretty amazing morsels of amazingness. 

Here are all the fabulous entries from this week, the quietest of all the weeks so far....

Choux pastry

 photo Choux1_zps18b5ba40.jpg
 photo choux2_zpse5e62b26.jpg
 photo choux3_zps74900cca.jpg
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  4. Wallflower Girl
  5. Bluebird Sunshine
  6. My Darlings & Me
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  9. Cupcake Mumma
  10. Vanilla Stitches
  11. A wannabe Foodie
  12. My Cupcake Habit
  13. A Mummy Too
  14. Casa Costello
  15. Cookies Cakes & Bakes
  16. The Mins Mes & me
  17. Missy B & Family

Suet Puddings

     photo suet1_zpsee7f59c7.jpg

     photo suet2_zps69624eac.jpg

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  3. Jennifer's Little World
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  11. Carole Finds Her Wings

Puff Pastry
     photo puff_zps097a5562.jpg

  1. The Crazy Kitchen
  2. Capture By Lucy
  3. Helvetia Handmade

Fake Food
I'm guessing that you're now wondering who the Star Baker for week 7 is then?

Well, myself and Jenny are pleased to announce that Star Baker this week is Mummy Makes Cakes with her Anges Duch├ęs (fallen Angels - her made up name!). Jenny has not only made delicious looking choux buns filled with her own Creme Patissiere this week but has also made an Angel Food Cake with her leftover egg whites, on top of a batch of Halloween cupcakes, all whilst dealing with kids with chicken pox - my hat goes off to her! Well done Jenny, please get in touch with the other Jenny for your badge.

Many thanks to everyone that has joined in this week. Roll on week 8, the quarter final, to see what's in store for the bakers.



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