The Crazy Kitchen: The Great Bloggers Bake Off - week 8 - Rye Bread

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Tuesday 8 October 2013

The Great Bloggers Bake Off - week 8 - Rye Bread

It's now week 8 of the Great British Bake Off, quarter final week, how did that happen!

There were some lovely looking breads and cakes this week. I love vegetable cakes, especially with warm spices such as cinnamon....mmmm, so Christmassy (77 days left!)

Sadly we had to wave goodbye to Christine, although I did like the look of her bread, it looked so light especially considering it was gluten free.

I decided to try Rye bread this week as I'd already got a couple of sweet bakes planned for the week so we really didn't need anymore cake in the house (did I really say that?!). I used this simple looking recipe that I'd found and added some cinnamon to the dough with pecans and sultanas in one loaf and sultanas and cinnamon & maple butter in a rolled loaf.

Although I left the dough to prove for quite a while it did seem quite 'dense' (maybe more liquid needed?) so, despite tasting nice, I think I'll stick to my regular bread in future as I prefer a lighter bread, although after watching the show this week I would like to try Beca's Focaccia with potato.

 photo ryebread_zpsb05fcdac.jpg 

To recap, the options for this week's bakes are :
  • Signature (Loaves): a loaf that does not use traditional wheat flours, instead they must use flours such as Spelt, Rye, Potato or Tapioca
  • Technical (Dacquoise) : which consists of 3 layers; coiled meringue, coffee custard and a hazelnut praline top
  • Showstopper (Novelty Vegetable Cake) : which must be dairy free

Don't forget to check out the rules & get your badge here


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