The Crazy Kitchen: The Great Bloggers Bake Off - Week 5 Round Up

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Sunday 22 September 2013

The Great Bloggers Bake Off - Week 5 Round Up

Week 5 of the Great Bloggers Bake Off has now come to a close and we have some fabulous entries linked up again. Tray Bakes seem to be a very popular choice this week and a lot more popular than tuiles and biscuit towers, can't think why that would be!

Here are all the amazing entries :


 photo traybakes1_zpsd3303e8d.jpg 

2.Apple & Berry Crumble Slices - Mummy Mishaps
3.Cinnamon & Raisin Shortbread - Hodge Podge Days
4.Millionaire's Shortbread - Jennifers Little World
5.Carrot, Parsnip & Coconut Flapjacks - Veggie Desserts
6.Oreo Brownies - Inside the Wendy House

 photo traybakes2_zps010a2873.jpg
8.Double Chocolate Malteser Tray Bake - Jo's Kitchen
9.My Darlings & Me - Banana Chocolate brownies
10.Ellies Pink Cakes - Spiced Plum Traybake
11.Cafe bebe - Brownies
12.Keynko - Savoury Golden slice

 photo traybakes3_zpse0192a39.jpg 

13.Bluebirdsunshine - anzac caramel slice
14.Being Mrs C - rocky road
15.Stressy Mummy - Toffee Apple Tray Bake
16.Sarah's Wacky World - Flapjacks
17.Crumbs & Corkscrews - Raspberry & Blueberry Blondies
18.Wallflower girl - Pumpkin & Ginger Tray bake

 photo traybakes4_zpsc2b01bb0.jpg 

20.Snaffles Mummy - Raspberry Bakewell Slice
21.Hijacked by Twins -Millionaire's Nutty Shortbread
22.The Crazy Kitchen - Chocolate Peanut Magic Cookie Bars
23.MissyB & Family - Chocolate Orange Brownies
24.Vanilla Stitches - Nanaimo bars

 photo traybake5_zpsb64fdd7f.jpg 

26.Munchies & Munchkins - Brownies
27.All You Need Is Love & Cake - Rockie Road Brownie Tray bake
28.Ramblings of a Crafty Mum - Rocky Road Traybake
29.Casa Costello - Caramel Apple Tray bake


 photo tuiles1_zps9e378704.jpg

2.The Goodlife Mum - coloured Tuiles
3.Tales of Pigling Bland - easy Tuiles
4.Multilayer Mummy - tuiles
5.Cakes Photos Life - Gruyere Tuiles

Biscuits & Biscuit Towers 

 photo cookies1_zpsb0a62e74.jpg 

2.Foodie Laura - gingerbread tree
3.MissyB & Family - Jam Filled Butter Biscuits
4.Carole Finds Her Wings - Summer Biscuit Tower
5.Cupcake Mumma - Gluten & Dairy Free Chocolate Crisp Cookies
6.Sew Love Craft - Biscuit tower

 photo cookies2_zpse257954b.jpg 

8.Here Come the Girls - Pumpkin Cookie Stack

I expect you are now wondering who myself and Jenny chose as our Star Baker for this week.....

well, after much of the usual deliberation, we have decided to go with..........


Yes you heard that right...we've decided to be très controversée and pick a Star Baker for each category (because once again we have been struggling to decide and after almost 2 hours still couldn't whittle it down to just one).....soooooo the star bakers for week 5 are.......

drum roll........

  • Aimee for her very Autumnal sounding pumpkin & ginger traybake, which looks and sounds delicous, as well as some very good photo styling.
  • Helen for her amazing coloured and shaped tuiles, she must have fingers of steel to handle those hot out of the oven tuiles and make them into such creative shapes
  • Last but not least, Rebecca for another very seasonal bake with her Pumpkin cookie stacks, we both loved these & thought they were really creative.

Well done everyone that joined in, there were some truly amazing sounding bakes this week and once again we have been overwhelmed by all the entries.
Star Bakers please contact Jenny for your badges....

Don't forget to tune in on BBC2 at 8pm on Tuesday for next weeks show, which we are led to believe is all about Sweet Dough.


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