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Monday 9 January 2012

Mexican Cheesy Vegetable and Ham Pie

Following on from the Gammon Quiche I made for our second meal from the gammon joint here is the Mexican Cheesy vegetable and Ham pie - it's only 'Mexican' because of the cheese that we had left from the Christmas cheese board, if we hadn't eaten all the Brie I suppose it would've ended up French!

For the pastry
250g Plain Flour
110g Butter (I used half butter & half Trex)
pinch of salt
4 tbsp cold water

For the filling
Gammon, cooked
2 large potatoes, cooked
2 large carrots, cooked
broccoli florets, cooked
50g Mexican hot cheese (you can use cheddar or similar, I was just using up the Christmas cheese)
pack of Aunt Bessies sage & onion stuffing balls

White Sauce
25g Butter
25g plain flour 
400ml Milk

  • Either rub the butter into the flour & salt with fingertips, or use a food mixer or food processor which is much easier, until it resembles breadcrumbs. 
  • Add the water and mix until it starts to come together, wrap in clingfilm & refrigerate for 15 minutes.
  • Roll out pastry to line a pie dish and blind bake (lines with greaseproof paper & baking beans ) for 20 minutes
  • To make the sauce melt the butter in a saucepan and then stir in the flour & mix well. Stir over a low heat for 2 minutes
  • Slowly add the milk a little at a time stirring or whisking constantly. Bring slowly to the boil and simmer until thick & creamy. Stir in the grated cheese.
  • Cut the gammon, carrots, potatoes and broccoli into bite size pieces and pour the sauce over, stir to combine.
  • Pour the filling into the pastry lined pie dish, trim the excess pastry from around the edges.

Here is the part where I was taking a bit of a gamble. I was going to top with a savoury cheesy crumble mixture but as my Kitchen Aid bowl was in the dishwasher & I didn't want to make the crumble by hand I racked my brains consulted the freezer for an alternative topping. My kids are used to strange combinations and they don't seem to mind, if they can eat gravy on their fishfingers at school I'm sure they can cope with a bit of stuffing on their gammon pie at home!

  • Arrange the stuffing balls on top of the filling - the pack says it includes 15 but thankfully there were 16 in this pack & they were a perfect fit.
  • Bake in 180 degree oven for 25 - 30 minutes, until browned.

the filling

before baking

out of the oven

The pie was lovely but next time I definitely won't make it Mexican as that cheese is very spicy, a bit too spicy for the kids!


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