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Thursday 21 August 2014

Cooking in the Wild in Cannock Chase

We are very lucky to have Cannock Chase on our doorstep. There are miles and miles of open space and woodland and we love to go there for a bit of an adventure as it's one of the very few places to go that all three children enjoy together.

I packed a bag with bacon, wraps, biscuits, marshmallows, chocolate, hot chocolate and coffee. We located the gas stove and den kit in the garage and off we went.

One we'd found our ideal spot in an open space, we set up our camp, stringing rope between two trees and pegging down our camo tarp over it. We threw the picnic blanket underneath and made a porchway out of another smaller tarp, and I used a carrier bag to sit on and cook.
Cooking in the Wild in Cannock Chase #weloveforests Cooking in the Wild in Cannock Chase #weloveforests

The kids had a great time building a den out of sticks and fern and loved their bacon wrap and s'mores. We'll definitely be doing a lot more cooking in the outdoors as food seems to taste so much better this way - albeit with an odd leaf here and there.

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