The Crazy Kitchen: Bacon, Lettuce & Crisp Sarnie #crispsarnieweek

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Thursday 21 August 2014

Bacon, Lettuce & Crisp Sarnie #crispsarnieweek

You've heard of the BLT so now let me introduce you to the BLC - the ultimate in crisp sandwiches, the Bacon, Lettuce and Crisp sarnie.

This version is not actually a sandwich, it is the much improved Tiger Roll model, and everything about it is crisp - crisp tiger bread roll, crisp smoked bacon, crisp green lettuce and crisp Seabrook Canadian Ham crinkle cut crisps. It's a crisp sandwich through and through.

Bacon, Lettuce & Crisp Sarnie #crispsarnieweek Bacon, Lettuce & Crisp Sarnie #crispsarnieweek Bacon, Lettuce & Crisp Sarnie #crispsarnieweek

It looks good and tastes AMAZING!


  1. I introduced my kids to the cheese and crisps sandwivh concept on a recent picnic. They liked it but thought it was weird. What's happened!

  2. National Crisp Sarnie Week?! I really have seen it all now! Ha!

  3. I love tiger bread, I'd have to swap the bacon for Quorn though but looks yummy! #NationalCrispSarnieWeek


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