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Monday 2 June 2014

Simple Lunchtime Pizza Sandwich

I'm often guilty of not eating lunch, or even taking a break, and it's usually just before I go out for the afternoon school run that it dawns on me that I haven't eaten since breakfast (although that isn't usually eaten until mid morning).

I'm lucky that I work from home so it's easy for me to take a look in the fridge and grab whatever takes my fancy, but if I was going out to work I would have to make sure I was prepared in advance to avoid snacking on the office biscuits.

A new research from Philadelphia reveals that 80% of Brits are either bored, depressed or even embarrassed by their lunch.

  • 32% are stuck in a lunchtime rut, eating the same thing every day
  • 95% of workaholic Brits do not take their full lunch hour, with 23% taking less than 15 minutes per day
  • 44% don't eat with their colleagues, and 68% fail to leave their desk for fear of missing a deadline or work e-mail
  • 95% of Brits claim that they would like to take more pleasure in their lunch hour
With all this in mind, Philadelphia and psychologist Sue Firth are stepping in to help the nation 'Love Lunch Again'.

Just watch this video to see how tasty lunches can be created quick and easily, with the help of Philadelphia

A delicious meal + 1 hour away from work + fresh air 
+ socialising with friends/colleagues = The Perfect Lunch

Psychologist Sue Firth comments "Doing the same thing every day such as eating the same sandwich is pretty much guaranteed to make you feel bored, and when you feel bored your mood drops. So push yourself a little. Variety is fun and makes you feel great, surely that's a good enough reason to try something different. With a bit of effort you can make your lunch great again - get excited about the food you make, step outside, make it sociable - that way we can all learn to love lunch again!"

My lunchtime recipe was inspired by one of the favourite British takeaways - pizza. This sandwich is packed full of delicious ingredients and can be put together in a matter of minutes.

Simple Lunchtime Pizza Sandwich

Simple Lunchtime Pizza Sandwich

Roasted red peppers from a jar, drained
Cherry tomatoes, cut in half
Fresh Basil

  • Slice the Ciabatta in half and spread each side generously with Philadelphia
  • Lay slices of pepper onto the bottom half of the Ciabatta
  • Arrange a few halves of cherry tomato on top of the pepper
  • Scatter a few leaves of basil on top before placing the Ciabatta lid on

Optional extras : jalapenos, ham, salami, olives

Simple Lunchtime Pizza Sandwich Simple Lunchtime Pizza Sandwich

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