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Sunday 2 February 2014

A Family Sunday Roast with Knorr

Today was a busy day that started off with me coming home at 9am from a onesie night in and sleepover at a friends, and then onto a 5th birthday party at a bowling alley followed by a family walk around a local wildlife centre to blow the cobwebs away before arriving back home to prepare a family roast dinner. 

 photo DSC_0395_zps11fa610a.jpg

Apparently today was National Yorkshire Pudding Day. I didn't know this until someone tweeted me after seeing a picture on Twitter of my roast. It was a good job then that I made some awesome Yorkies in recognition of this day.

 photo yorkies_zpsa5fc3408.jpg  

Anyone that knows me knows that I don't make a Sunday roast too often, although I have been making a lot more recently. The reason for the roast this week was because my brother and sister in law came up from Devon to visit, which coincided perfectly with Knorr sending a hamper of ingredients to make a Sunday roast, including a joint of beef, veggies, Knorr gravy pots and a gravy boat. 

 photo knorrgravy_zps5344ceb1.jpg  

The knorr gravy pots are a convenient way to make home-made tasting gravy without any fuss. Each pot is mixed with 280ml of water and brought to the boil to make a rich and delicious gravy that has no preservatives, additives or flavour enhancers in. They have also been awarded Product of the Year in the Gravy & Stock Category!

Today we used the beef gravy stock pots with our roast beef, which I seasoned with garlic and rosemary before roasting in a pan with carrots, onions and parsnips and served alongside Yorkshire puddings, stuffing, roast potatoes, broccoli and sprouts.

 photo roastbeefdinner_zps355af8fd.jpg  

An amazing roast, even if I do say so myself....

 photo roastbeefdinner2_zpse1d60da2.jpg  

I was sent a selection of Knorr gravy pots along with meat and vegetables to make a roast dinner

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