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Sunday 15 December 2013

Mint Chocolate Christmas Pudding Rocky Road

Whether you call it Rocky Road, Fridge Cake or maybe even Tiffin, there is no denying that it is good. You can add whatever ingredients you like to the mix, and also whatever you have in the cupboards, which is what I did here.

After seeing this Malteser Rocky Road Christmas Pudding I was dying to give it a go myself and thought it would be a perfect way to use my Wilton ball cake pan, but you could use a pudding basin.

It doesn't have the neatest of finish but a length of ribbon tied around the middle disguises that a little. The proof, they say, is in the pudding and nobody really notices the rough edges once it's sliced as everyone is drooling as they wait to get their hands on a piece.

MInt Chocolate Christmas Pudding Rocky Road

Mint Chocolate Christmas Pudding Rocky Road

550g Chocolate - I used a mix of milk & plain (reserve a little to glue the halves together)
100g glacé cherries
125g Cadbury chocolate fingers, chopped
75g mini marshmallows
100g sultanas
100g Cadbury snow bites (the shells add a crunch)
1 box of After Eight Collection mint chocolates
140g white chocolate

  • Melt the chocolate in a bowl over hot water (or use a microwave)
  • Line the 2 pans - you can use clingfilm but I find a piece of slightly damp scrunched up baking paper works much better as it doesn't get brittle in the freezer
  • Stir in the cherries, fingers, marshmallows, sultanas, snow bites and the After Eight Collection (reserving the white ones)
  • Divide mixture between the two pans
  • Place in the fridge for around 15 minutes, or until completely set
  • Turn out and use a little of the reserved melted chocolate to glue the halves together
  • Return to the freezer whilst you melt the white chocolate (including the white After Eight leaves)
  • Allow the white chocolate to cool a little otherwise it will just run straight down the sides of the pudding
  • Spoon the white chocolate on to the top of the pudding, one spoonful at a time, allowing each spoonful to firm up slightly before spooning the next on.
  • The chocolate will slowly start to drip down the sides of the pudding, once you have enough topping then return to the freezer for a few minutes

MInt Chocolate Christmas Pudding Rocky Road

I used some leftover white chocolate to make Santa pops.

Chocolate Santa PopsMInt Chocolate Christmas Pudding Rocky Road MInt Chocolate Christmas Pudding Rocky Road

I was sent some After Eight chocolates to use in a recipe, the recipe is my own

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