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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Elizabeth Sponge with Lactofree #SayYestoSummer

Elizabeth Sponge with Lactofree #SayYestoSummer

Look at that beauty!

I love it when a sponge cake rises exactly as it should, and doesn't collapse the moment you take it out of the oven. My old oven is a bit temperamental and bakes more on one side than the other so it's always a risk turning the tin around part way through the baking process. Today was a good day though and my cake turned out perfectly.

I am working together with Lactofree through the Summer on their #SayYestoSummer campaign, and will be receiving products and ingredients to enable me to get to know the Lactofree range and share results of my baking with my readers.

As Wimbledon is currently taking place I was sent a Wimbledon inspired hamper of goodies, including the most gorgeous picnic blanket and cute fabric strawberries.

Elizabeth Sponge with Lactofree #SayYestoSummer

If you fancy trying this delicious cake you can find the recipe here, but first please go to the Lactofree Facebook page, where you can win a walking holiday to the Peak District complete with a picnic basket and blanket.

Elizabeth Sponge with Lactofree #SayYestoSummer Elizabeth Sponge with Lactofree #SayYestoSummer Elizabeth Sponge with Lactofree #SayYestoSummer

If you want to try out more yummy summer recipes go to the Lactofree #SayYestoSummer page


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