The Crazy Kitchen: Getting Ahead for Christmas - Roast Parsnips & Parsnip Mash

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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Getting Ahead for Christmas - Roast Parsnips & Parsnip Mash

After making the roast spuds for Christmas dinner earlier in the week I cracked on with the parsnips yesterday.

I started with around 1.2kg of parsnips. Peeled, topped & tailed I used the fat end for roasting and the skinny end in a mash to avoid those burnt thin pieces of parsnip.

Again I part boiled them and roasted for around 30 - 40 minutes in Trex vegetable fat, then once cooled I added them to a disposable foil tray to go in the freezer. These trays from Asda are great as I can fit 2 on each shelf and therefore 8 in the oven at one time - plenty of space for all the roasties, stuffing and pigs in blankets for the 10 of us.

Roast Parsnips & Parsnip Mash

Parsnip & Butternut Squash Mash

Butternut squash
2 small onions
2 garlic cloves
salt & pepper
dried rosemary
large knob of butter

  • Add the peeled parsnips, squash, onion & garlic to a pan of water
  • Bring to the boil and simmer until tender, then drain
  • Add the salt & pepper, rosemary & butter & mash or blend with a stick blender

I added the mash to another disposable foil tray, covered with clingfilm and froze. On Christmas day I'll sprinkle over some breadcrumbs and reheat in the oven.


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