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Wednesday 9 September 2015

Hammamas Multi Purpose Cotton Beach Towels

I mentioned our new Hammamas beach towels a couple of weeks ago in my '10 tips for getting your holiday packing organised', which I wrote before going on holiday. For this past two weeks we have certainly put our towels through the test.

Firstly they are so much more convenient than regular towelling beach towels, as they pack really small compared to a thick towel of the same size. As I mentioned in my previous post, I packed 5 of them along with 10 sets of swimwear and 5 pairs of flip flops, into a bag the size of the average allowed hand baggage. I have also carried one in my small canvas bag when we've been out, incase of any impromptu paddles or a downpour of rain! 

During our villa stay I washed the towels numerous times and left them over chairs in the dining room to dry overnight. In the day the kids have dragged them around the pool and left them sopping wet in a heap on their bedroom floors, but a short while over the balcony in the breeze and sun and they've been bone dry and ready to go again.

Hammamas beach towels drying

I also love the range of colours available - we chose Original Sky, Original Charcoal, Navy/Red Marine, Daisy/White Bold and Azure/White Bold, and we all know whose towel belongs to who - and exactly who has left theirs on the floor!

In hindsight I wish I hadn't now chosen the navy/red marine towel for myself, as it has lots of white on it, and whilst it looks lovely when it's bright & clean, mine now has a few yellow stains on from the chemicals in the pool.

The towels have many purposes, but my favourite is that of a sarong. When I come out of the pool and wander up to the villa to make lunch I don't want to subject anyone that happens to be passing to the sight of my wobbly bits, so the towel acts as a great cover up, tied around the chest or waist, and as it's made of cotton it's lovely and cool, and not at all hot and bulky like a regular towel can be.

It also means it can be used as a cover up when you've had a little too much sun, without the risk of overheating.

Hammamas beach towel cover up

I can't speak highly enough of these towels and don't think I will ever use regular beach towels again, and I'm even contemplating using them at home.

 photo what are hammamas_zps77ghjdeq.jpg

I received Hammamas beach towels for the purpose of review

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