The Crazy Kitchen: Capturing Moments of Colour with Ocean Spray #JustRefresh

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Saturday 5 September 2015

Capturing Moments of Colour with Ocean Spray #JustRefresh

 Ocean Spray #JustRefresh

School holidays can be pretty hard going at times, especially when you work from home. It occasionally makes me feel a little guilty that we don't go on daily trips to the park, zoo, seaside or theme park, and instead spend much of it at home. Ocean Spray are inspiring us to inject a little colour into our normal days, and encouraging us to take time out of our regular routine, and celebrate everyday moments with our kids. 

For the last two weeks of the summer holiday we managed to get away and go on a family holiday, and this was when we all spent quality time together, which doesn't often happen when we're at home. This is the time when many of our memorable moments happen - the colourful moments that the children remember in years to come, and we look back on and smile.

Our holiday this year in Spain has lots of lasting memories for us, like me shooting down the slide on our pedalo and landing in the sea with an almighty splash, and watching our teen hovering above the sea on a fly board , however, one particular afternoon we had lots of fun when the kids took charge and hosted a pool and mocktail party.

Inspired by some vibrant Ocean Spray Cranberry & Raspberry drink, the kids set to working making brightly coloured mocktails, to keep the family chilled around the pool. Jack took on his role of barman like a professional, and kept us topped up with drinks and snacks throughout the afternoon, and almost every day that followed the pool party, declaring 'I can't wait until tomorrow, as I'm going to do the bar again'.

I've named their favourite mocktail the 'Costa Blanca', which was a deliciously fruity and refreshing mix of cranberry juice, tropical fruit juice and sparkling lemon drink. The kids discovered that if you put ice in the bottom of the glass before adding the cranberry juice the ingredients didn't mix together completely, giving a layered effect.

Ocean Spray #JustRefresh
Ocean Spray #JustRefresh Ocean Spray #JustRefresh

Sometimes it's good to sit back, relax, and let the kids take over, and see where their imagination takes them.

The Costa Blanca Mocktail

Ocean Spray Cranberry & Raspberry juice drink
Tropical fruit juice
Fanta lemon (or equivalent)

  • Add ice to the bottom of a glass
  • Pour in the Ocean Spray to fill 1/3 of the glass
  • Tilt the glass & top up with equal parts of tropical juice and lemon
  • Add a straw, an umberella and plastic monkeys & mermaids & you're good to go

Ocean Spray cranberry based mocktail recipes can be found on their website here, along with many more recipes for smoothies, desserts and savoury dishes.

I'm working with Britmums & Ocean Spray highlighting the everyday moments of colour that give each of us a little lift, just like Ocean Spray adds colour to our day and delights us all year round. I have been compensated for my time. All editorial and opinions are my own. Visit Ocean Spray for more information.

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