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Thursday 28 May 2015

Lemon Prosecco Syllabub

When asked to put together a dinner party menu but only recreate one of the courses which course do you think I chose? hmmm, now let me think...

Although I am a savoury girl at heart, I do love a good dessert, especially home made. I will rarely eat a dessert when I go out for a meal as I'm often left disappointed (especially at the prices some of these places charge for a measly slice of mediocre cheesecake!) However, I will find it hard to resist a homemade dessert, even after a hefty meal.

This lemon Prosecco syllabub not only looks indulgent in the individual cocktail glasses, it is also extremely easy to make, and can be mostly prepared in advance, with just some minimal assembly before serving.

Lemon Prosecco Syllabub Lemon Prosecco Syllabub Lemon Prosecco Syllabub Lemon Prosecco Syllabub Lemon Prosecco Syllabub

Find the full recipe and my complete dinner party menu here.

Thank you to Dave from Wolseley Wine Loft for all his help and the great wine recommendations. If you've ever in the region of Wolseley Bridge, on the edge of Cannock Chase in Staffordshire, then please call in.

Dave's wine recommendations

starter  : Famille Bougrier Touraine Sauvignon Blanc 2013 - £17.95

main : Tom Knappstein 'Riposte' Pinot Noir called 'The Dagger' - £11.95

dessert : Bella Modella Prosecco - £9.99 

cheese course : Pecorino from the Abruzzo region of Italy - £12.50

If the UK does happen to have a shortage of Prosecco this summer, as predicted, then Dave is on hand to recommend some great bottles of Cava or sparkling wines from South America, Australia & New Zealand.

this recipe has been commissioned by Great British Chefs

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