The Crazy Kitchen: BBQ Lamb Steak Burger with Mint Dressing

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Tuesday 31 March 2015

BBQ Lamb Steak Burger with Mint Dressing

A couple of weeks ago we were promised an Easter heatwave. As I type this the hailstones are battering the window and the letterbox is banging in the wind, as it always does when it's blowing a gale. Last night I got completely drenched at bootcamp and my legs were red with cold when I peeled my soggy clothes off to get in the hot shower to warm up. Last March I was driving with my roof down on an almost daily basis. This month I find myself putting the heated seats on for the morning school run. Come on sunshine, show your face and give us all the Spring that we've been waiting so patiently for.

In anticipation of the warmer weather we put the cushions out on the garden furniture and uncovered the barbecue and cleaned it up. We managed a brief sit on the chairs last weekend before we covered them again and weighted the covers down to stop them from blowing away. I was not going to be beaten though, and braved the cold to cook some lamb steaks on the barbecue in a bid to bring some sunshine into our lives once again with Lindeman's.

BBQ Lamb Steak Burger with Mint Dressing

I love the taste of meat cooked on the barbecue, and as we have a gas one it's really convenient to use, and I have been known to cook dinner on it in the pouring rain with an umbrella to avoid messing up my oven. Whilst (in my opinion) lamb steaks are best cooked on a barbecue you could also fry them on a griddle pan on your hob if you don't fancy braving the cold.

BBQ Lamb Steak Burger with Mint Dressing - serves 2

2 lamb leg steaks 

2 tbsp Lindeman's Bin 45 Cabernet Sauvignon 
1 tsp garlic granules (or clove of fresh garlic)
handful of fresh mint

75g Greek yogurt
fresh mint leaves

for serving
fresh bread rolls 
salad leaves
red onion slices
  • Make the marinade by adding the ingredients to a pestle and grind with the pestle
  • Place the steaks in a closeable bag and pour in the dressing
  • Seal the bag and squeeze to coat the lamb
  • Refrigerate for a couple of hours or overnight
  • Make the dressing by ripping the mint leaves and mixing them into the yogurt
  • Cook the lamb on a very hot bbq for a few minutes each side - my tip is to have your bbq as hot as you can and cook the steaks as quickly as you can to avoid them drying out. This way they are lovely and crispy on the outside, yet lovely and juicy on the inside
  • Serve the steaks in fresh bread rolls with salad leaves, sliced red onion and yogurt & mint dressing

Accompany the burgers with a large glass of Lindeman's Bin 45 Cabernet Sauvignon - a perfect pairing this Easter.

BBQ Lamb Steak Burger with Mint Dressing BBQ Lamb Steak Burger with Mint Dressing BBQ Lamb Steak Burger with Mint Dressing

I'm once again working with Lindeman's as an Ambassador - keep your eye out for future recipes, news and giveaways.

This post has been commissioned by Lindeman's

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