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Wednesday 20 November 2013

Toffee Vodka

This is the second of my home-made alcoholic drinks for Christmas, my first being Cherry Vodka. Whereas that one is best left for a few months, this is good to drink within a couple of days. I have my sister in law to thank for putting this idea into my head and just had to try it for myself.

Toffee Vodka

500ml bottle with secure stopper
135g Werthers Original butter candies

  • If the neck on the bottle is wide enough you can put the Werthers straight into the bottle, otherwise you may have to cut them in half.
  • Once all of the sweets are in the bottle then just top up with vodka and pop a lid on.
  • Over the next couple of days shake the bottle to dissolve the sweets
  • Once they are fully dissolved it's ready to drink

Toffee Vodka

Coming soon ..... Malteser Vodka!

I was sent the above bottle as part of a package from Pattesons Glass. This is a corked 500ml Stephanie bottle.

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