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Tuesday 19 November 2013

Cherry Vodka

In preparation for Christmas I've been making a few of my own flavoured vodkas. Two years ago I made up a large batch of Cranberry vodka which we drank the last of last Christmas. My brother still had his bottle up until this year and said it was amazing when they eventually got around to drinking it, therefore this Cherry Vodka is not really something that you should be making for this Christmas, but maybe next or the one after!

I made 2 small bottles at the weekend and although they are good enough to drink now they will definitely improve with age over the next few months or so, and turn syrupy like a liquor. If you're feeling really generous you could tie some ribbon around the neck, pop a label on and give as a gift.

Cherry Vodka

For each 250ml bottle I used approximately the following quantities :

Cherry Vodka

100g Cherries (I used frozen cherries)
100g caster sugar
150ml vodka

  • Pop the cherries into the bottle
  • Pour the sugar in carefully
  • Top up with vodka
  • Place the lid on and gently agitate to dissolve as much of the sugar as possible 
  • Gently agitate each day until the sugar has dissolved completely
  • Leave to mature

Cherry Vodka

Cherry Vodka

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