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Thursday 4 June 2015

#MixUpYourMenu Family Meal Ideas

Earlier in the week I was involved in a #MixUpYourMenu Twitter party hosted by Britmums, and sponsored by Birds Eye. During the party we shared recipes and meal ideas for quick and easy family meals using some of the favourite Birds Eye products, including wholegrain fishfingers, chicken chargrills, burgers and frozen peas.

Here are the meal ideas that we came up with, which the family loved.

 photo pesto pasta with peas_zpsop3wxgd8.jpg

The pesto pea pasta was a dish that I made for my myself after a bootcamp session, by quickly throwing together some freshly cooked pasta, spoonful of green pesto and a handful of frozen peas which had been soaking in boiling water for a minute or two to defrost them.

 photo fishfinger waffle butty_zpsqrlm2jip.jpg

I made these one lunchtime during half term when the eldest had his girlfriend over (I was showing off my cooking skills!). They are simply two wholegrain fishfingers sandwiched between two potato waffles. The kids like them dripping in tomato ketchup, but I would prefer tartare sauce.

 photo chicken chargrill naan pizza_zps7eqqf7sn.jpg

These pizzas were possibly one of the favourite meals I cooked during our week of mixing up our menu. I picked up some plain naan breads on special offer and topped them with a little tomato puree, grated cheese and a sliced up chicken chargrill, and then popped them in the oven until the cheese was melted and bubbling up.

 photo monster burger_zpshsszeuld.jpeg

I think these have to be the favourite meal of the week. I barbecued some Birds Eye beefburgers whilst the waffles and Reggae Reggae chicken chargrills were baking in the oven, and then I stacked one of each in a soft white roll. I'm in love with the Reggae Reggae chargrills at the moment, especially as I picked up a few boxes for half price.

 photo wholegrain fishfinger and minted pea mayo_zpsqtc8t5fd.jpg

Fishfinger wraps are a very very posh version of a fishfinger sandwich, and is the usual way we eat our fishfingers here. I mixed things up a bit from the usual way of serving with ketchup & mayo, and whizzed up a few [defrosted] frozen peas, some fresh mint and mayonnaise to make this tasty minted pea mayo, which was met with different reactions by various members of the family - a bit like marmite.

 photo pesto pasta peri peri chicken_zpssawacryb.jpg

Another pesto pasta, but this time I added baby plum tomatoes and a sliced up chicken chargrill.

 photo fusions rice and reggae reggae chicken chargrill_zps0tj7yvth.jpg

I love the Birds Eye Rice Fusions, as they're conveniently portioned packets of flavoured rice which is ready from the microwave in just a few minutes. I added a sliced peri peri chicken chargrill to a portion of mediterranean vegetable rice for a fuss free dinner, which I served with salad.

 photo beefburger fajitas2_zps64b3zv3q.jpgBEEF[BURGER] FAJITAS

These are a twist on regular beef fajitas as they're made with strips of beefburgers instead of strips of beef. For these I sliced the frozen burgers into strips (with a very sharp knife) and fried them. I drained the fat, removed the burgers and then fried the peppers and onions with fajita seasoning before adding the burger strips back in, and served in a flour tortilla with grated cheese and sour cream. It's also a great way to use any leftover bbq burgers.

How would you mix up your menu?

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