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Monday 1 December 2014

Organic vs Non Organic Dinner Party Menu

When I'm doing the shopping I don't tend to go for Organic produce, mainly because there isn't much of a selection in the supermarket that I use for my online shop, plus it's more expensive than the regular foods. When I'm shopping for my family of five I do usually have to take the price into consideration, and whilst I don't choose the very cheapest products, I don't choose the most expensive either.

If I was buying ingredients for something a bit more special than an everyday meal I may go to the local farm shop, if time allowed, and take a look at their organic produce.

After looking at these figures from the Organic Trade Board, it is worrying to see that 100% of all soft citrus fruits & 98% of oranges tested contained pesticide residue, which is a good enough reason to switch to organic.

 photo Infographic_FINAL_zps39df50a3.jpg

I've been challenged to come up with a dinner party menu for eight people and compare the costs of the meal when non organic ingredients were used vs organic ingredients. My menu is as follows :

baked camembert with caramelised red onion and crusty bread

roast chicken with sage & apple stuffing
seasoned carrots & courgettes
hasselback potatoes

white chocolate mousse pots

Selection of flavoured roasted almonds

baked camembert with caramelised red onion
roast chicken dinner roast chicken dinner hasselback potatoes white chocolate mousse pots

The cost of the meal came in as follows (per serving) :

Non organic £0.94
Organic (organic red onions & organic bread) £1.18

Non organic £1.44
Organic (organic chicken, carrots, potatoes, courgettes) £2.36

Non organic £0.69
Organic (organic eggs, chocolate, cream) £1.43

Non organic £0.25
Organic (organic almonds) £0.42

Total (per serving)
Non organic £3.32
Organic £5.39

A difference of £2 per head isn't too bad for a dinner party but it would certainly put the cost of our weekly shop up by quite a bit if I was to switch the bulk of my groceries to organic.

This post has been commissioned by the Organic Trade Board.

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