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Thursday 15 August 2013

Garlic & Herb Potato Salad

I'm not keen on shop bought potato salad, they always seem a bit heavy on the mayonnaise and the potatoes never taste right so if we have potato salad it would always be home made. Extra flavour is added to this one from the garlic and herb Boursin, although you could use other cream cheeses and other flavours - black pepper is one of my favourites. This is a perfect way to use new potatoes from the garden, and an ideal food for picnics.

With the addition of the yoghurt it makes it lighter in flavour as well as on the waistline..

You will need :

Garlic & Herb Boursin
Natural Yoghurt
Boiled and cooled new potatoes
Fresh chives

  • For the dressing mix 1 part Boursin with 2 parts yoghurt - ie 75g Boursin & 150g yoghurt, depending on how many potatoes you have
  • Stir the cooked potatoes to coat all of them
  • Serve with chopped chives (easiest to cut them with scissors)
  • garlic & herb potato salad

In this recipe I used Garlic & Herb Boursin & Chobani Strained Natural yoghurt - I was sent samples of both of these to use in my cooking

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