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Sunday 4 August 2013

Foodelity Dinner Party Food {review}

This year I decided that it was going to be the year of having a dinner party every month. It got to June and I realised that I hadn't even had had one, let alone 6! It all changed in July & August though as I had one each month, although it was possibly more like having friends around for a curry & a drink than an actual dinner party - I'm building up to it slowly.

If you like the idea of hosting a dinner party but don't really have the know-how or ideas of what to cook then Foodelity are there to come to your assistance.

The idea is that you choose the meals that you want to cook from a large range of starters, mains and desserts, all priced individually, with difficulty ratings and cooking time. Add the quantity of each course that you want to your basket, along with bottles of wine and cheese and then choose your delivery date. Your order is then delivered to your door on your chosen date by overnight delivery, packed in a box lined with Woolcool and an ice pack. Everything is in the quantities required for the dishes, with no weighing necessary and no excess or waste.

 photo foodelitybox_zps597e5c4b.jpg

If you prefer you can order complete meals, with the courses already selected, such as Busy Bees, Summer Sunday Lunch and Ultimate Dinner for 2.

It's a great idea if you don't cook regularly and don't have a store cupboard full of ingredients - why would you want to buy a whole tin of cocoa powder if you only need a teaspoonful?

I chose the Ultimate Dinner for 2 but unfortunately the scallops weren't available due to the Cornish seas being too rough for the fishermen, so the menu we received was as follows :

* Asparagus, Mozzarella & Prosciutto Parcels with Rocket Salad
* Aubrey Allen Steak with Hand Cut Skin-On Chips & Bearnaise Sauce
* Chocolate & Orange Fondant with Creme Fraiche

The box arrived on Friday and although the food was cool, it wasn't cold which made me think that perhaps another ice pack would've been an idea in this heatwave we've been experiencing. The tub of vegetable oil had leaked slightly covering some of the other ingredients, and one of the bags of sugar had split slightly - apart from that all the ingredients looked in good condition and nice and fresh.

I wasn't able to cook the meal until Sunday and by then the rocket, basil and tarragon had wilted so I would only recommend receiving your order on the day or day before you want to cook it.

The ingredients come with recipe cards with step by step instructions and full colour photos. The recipes were easy to follow although there did seem to be a step missing on the main course as it never mentioned when to add the shallots - I made an assumption and the sauce seemed to turn out ok, although I've never eaten Bearnaise before so wasn't sure if it tasted as it should!

Each course was absolutely delicious and I never realised how easy it was to make a chocolate fondant.

I do love the idea of Foodelity but to be honest if I was spending this amount of money on a meal (the 3 course meal I received totalled £43.70) I would actually prefer someone else to cook it for me. I can see how the service would appeal to busy professionals that want to entertain at home from time to time though.

 photo foodelitystarter_zpsc87c5ada.jpg photo foodelitymain_zpsf2bbebe0.jpg  photo foodelitydessert_zps087e8618.jpg

I was sent the box of ingredients to cook the above meals for the purpose of this review

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