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Tuesday 4 September 2012

Raspberry Delight

After being inspired by some very pretty strawberry desserts from Tales of Pigling Bland that I spotted on What Kate Baked's teatime treats roundup I decided to give something similar a go. When I was in my local cookshop getting a new potato peeler I spotted some cute little silicone moulds and thought they would be perfect for individual desserts.

I had two packs of Raspberry Angel Delight (or rather the supermarket own brand version) and made them up as directed on the pack and poured into the moulds. They were then placed in the freezer until they set. Whilst they were still frozen they were turned out on a plate and topped with frozen raspberries that had been thawed out. The desserts were then left out at room temperature for a short while until they thawed out slightly.

Next time I think I'll try them with Angel Delight ice cream as the kids were a bit impatient waiting for them to thaw! 


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