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Friday 23 February 2018

Quick and Easy Recipes for the Magimix 4200XL Food Processor

I've lusted over Magimix food processors for years. It's one of those things that I stroke whenever I go into the kitchen department of John Lewis. They are such sexy beasts, along with both Kitchen Aid and Kenwood stand mixers; both of which I already have, but I still can't resist a stroke of a shiny new one.

When Magimix very kindly sent me one of their 4200 XL machines I whipped it out of the box, made a space for it on the worktop, stroked it, stared at it for a while, and then wondered what the heck was I going to use it for.

I wasn't left wondering for long as the machine comes with a hardback book with full directions for use, along with over 80 recipes, including sauces, soups, desserts and cocktails, to name a few.

The machine itself comes with 3 different sized bowls that stack inside each other for both use and storage. The largest size would be great for blending large batches of soup and making dough, and the smallest size is perfect for chopping nuts or making sauces. There are a number of attachments including sharp blades, a dough blade, whisk and discs for grating and slicing, which can all be kept neatly in the storage box provided.

Despite the Magimix machine being a beast of a machine I was pleased that it fitted on my worktop underneath the wall cupboards, meaning that I could keep it tucked out of the way, but still have it on hand to use regularly.

A Magimix food processor is the Ferrari of food processors for home cooks, and it's the one we see on lots of cooking shows where chefs blend, chop and whip with ease. I felt that the ultimate test for a food processor is whether it can make mayonnaise, without having to continually scrape the bowl down or tilt the machine on its side to make sure it didn't miss a bit. I've not had much luck with home made mayonnaise in the past, which I think has boiled down to the machines I've used not having enough oomph, so I was really looking forward to seeing if the Magimix had what it takes.

The beauty of this machine comes in the 3 different sized bowls. With something like mayonnaise you don't always want to make a large batch, so the mini bowl is perfect for a '1 egg mayo'. Along with the single egg yolk I added 1 tsp of dijon mustard and 1 tsp of freshly squeezed lemon juice. I set the motor running and drizzled 200ml of rapeseed oil through the feed tube, and within a few moments I had absolutely perfect mayo.

Some of the other simple recipes I've tried out over the past couple of weeks include pestoscones, coleslaw, dips and this Berry Mousse Cake, which is a recipe similar to one that my Mum used to make when we were kids. It's both cheap and easy, and makes a lovely midweek dessert.

All it takes to make this is to make a biscuit base using 200g Digestive biscuits crushed in the Magimix mini bowl fitted with the mini blade attachment, and then mixed with 50g melted butter. Then whip up the mousse topping in the main bowl fitted with the whisk attachment using a pack of strawberry jelly, dissolved in approx 100ml of boiling water, and a can of evaporated milk. You can also add crushed berries for extra flavour but it's not absolutely necessary. When it's thick and creamy and has increased in volume, pour over the biscuit base and leave to set for a few hours or overnight in the fridge. It couldn't be simpler.

I've also made my own peanut butter in the mini bowl, without the need for any ingredients other than peanuts. It takes a few minutes and you need to keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't get to the runny stage, but it's so simple. If you can get hold of bulk bags of nuts then it's a much cheaper way of making your own natural nut butter, without the need for any added salt, sugar or oils that you find in many nut butters, especially peanut butter.

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The Magimix 4200XL in black is currently in John Lewis & Amazon for £251

I received the Magimix food processor in exchange for this honest review

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