The Crazy Kitchen: BBQ Steak with Zesty Watercress Salsa

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Wednesday 19 July 2017

BBQ Steak with Zesty Watercress Salsa

Hurrah! The sun decided to come back again, and it has been very welcome after that chilly spell when I was almost tempted to put the heating on. 

I'm in the process of painting the teens' bedrooms but took a break last weekend, as nobody wants to be indoors painting in this weather. Instead I took the opportunity to sit in the garden for a while, and had a bit of fun involving Nerf guns, wet sponges and plastic 'tin' cans. It was also a chance to cook the dinner on the bbq, and save on extra washing up or having to turn the oven on.

BBQ Steak with Zesty Watercress Salsa

For the past couple of weeks I've been going through a bit of a detox. On a whim I decided that I would cut out caffeine, starting on Tuesday of all days. Who even starts a diet or detox on a Tuesday? That would be me then. I've been embracing dairy free, sugar free, caffeine free, gluten free diet for 2 weeks now, and I'm feeling so much better for it, after the initial caffeine withdrawal headache, and the slight hangover after my birthday. 

It was during the first week of embracing clean eating food that I used a lot more flavours on a daily basis and came up with this watercress salsa. It's dairy & gluten free and can be enjoyed on salad, potatoes and roasted vegetables, but it is AMAZING on steak.

BBQ Steak with Zesty Watercress Salsa

When it comes to cooking on barbecues many of us stick to the old favourites of sausages, burgers and chicken. I've been using steak more and more on the barbecue recently, whether it's cooking the odd one or two or slicing more up to make kebabs. I'm usually a 'medium' kind of girl, but with a good steak and sauce I do enjoy it on the rarer side, especially when it's sliced thinly.

I love a simple barbecued steak, but with a great sauce a good steak can become an amazing steak. Serving this salsa with a platter of thinly sliced medium-rare steak will really impress your guests at your next BBQ, and there will be no going back to simple sausages.

BBQ Steak with Zesty Watercress Salsa

When choosing your steak (or any other cut of beef or lamb), look out for a quality mark like the Red Tractor logo, which means that the meat is farm assured and responsibly produced, by people dedicated to providing great food. For this recipe I used rump steak, as it's a reasonably priced steak that doesn't break the bank when cooking or the whole family.

BBQ Steak with Zesty Watercress Salsa

For everything you need to know about beef & lamb, including recipes and information about Red Tractor beef & lamb, visit, and #RaiseTheSteaks at your next BBQ.

BBQ Steak with Zesty Watercress Salsa

a commissioned post for Simply Beef & Lamb

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