The Crazy Kitchen: Chocolate Finger and Sweets Covered Chocolate Birthday Cake

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Friday 13 November 2015

Chocolate Finger and Sweets Covered Chocolate Birthday Cake

Last week my eldest child turned 15. FIFTEEN! How on earth did that happen? It doesn't seem very long ago that he was born, yet fifteen years before that I was only fifteen myself, and I don't recall those fifteen years passing as quickly. I really hope the next fifteen don't pass as quickly, because you don't need to be a genius to work out how old I will be then!

Enough about my age though, and onto the cake. Thankfully it seems as though my character birthday cake making days are behind me, and the kids are happy to settle for a chocolate or carrot cake for their birthday, following a takeaway pizza. This time I made one of my favourite cakes with chocolate fingers around and sweets on top, and as my eldest loves Dolly Mixtures I added some of these, along with some red, white & blue M&M's which I found in the pound shop - 2 bags for £1! 

I have various chocolate cake recipes that I use, and this time I made a basic one that replaces some of the flour with cocoa powder. Two other chocolate cake recipes can be found here : chocolate fudge cake, chocolate orange cake, which can both be used as a base for this cake.

 photo sweetie cake 3_zpsavnv1oo0.jpg

Chocolate Finger Birthday Cake

4 medium eggs (weighed in their shells they were 260g - use this weight for your flour,sugar & butter)
260g butter, softened
260g caster sugar
260g self raising flour (remove 1 heaped tbsp & replace with the cocoa powder)
1 heaped tbsp cocoa powder

200g full fat cream cheese
200g chocolate spread

to decorate
2.5 packs of Cadbury chocolate fingers
sweets & chocolates

  • beat the butter and sugar together until light & fluffy
  • beat in the eggs one at a time
  • sift the icing sugar and cocoa powder together and fold into the batter
  • divide the batter into two greased & lined 8" sandwich tins
  • bake in a preheated 180C oven for approx 25 minutes
  • cool for 10 minutes in the tins before turning out on a wire rack to cool completely
  • beat the cream cheese and chocolate spread together
  • use some of this to sandwich the cakes together, and cover the rest over the top and sides of the cake
  • position chocolate fingers around the edge of the cake, and place 6 on the top to divide into 6 sections
  • add sweets into the sections on top of the cake

 photo sweetie cake 2_zpskeecdb9r.jpg  photo sweetie cake 4_zps9b621zzd.jpg  photo sweetie cake_zpsb8fwxmg3.jpg  photo sweetie cake 5_zpsszio1ahx.jpg

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