The Crazy Kitchen: Salted Pecan & Pretzel Brittle

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Tuesday 24 November 2015

Salted Pecan & Pretzel Brittle

I've always fancied making peanut brittle, but as I didn't own a candy thermometer until recently, I didn't want to risk making it without. I loved the sweet & salty combination of this pretzel crust, so I wanted to try adding pretzels to the brittle, and combined it with one of my favourite nuts, pecans.

 photo pecan brittle_zpsowyt6dew.jpg

Salted Pecan & Pretzel Brittle
250g caster sugar
tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp sea salt
40g salted pretzels, roughly broken
50g pecans
sprinkle of sea salt
  • add the caster sugar, vanilla & salt to a wide based saucepan or deep sided frying pan
  • scatter the pretzels & pecans onto a 8" square silicone baking sheet
  • heat gently until the sugar melts - be patient & don't stir it!
  • increase the heat and simmer until it reaches 260F (hard ball) on a candy thermometer
  • pour the caramel over the pretzels & pecans & sprinkle with a little sea salt
  • set aside to cool & firm up
  • break into shards

 photo pecan brittle 5_zpse7oyy79d.jpg  photo pecan brittle 3_zpsidrcwnpu.jpg  photo pecan brittle 4_zpsgz9mx8z6.jpg

Why not bag a few of these up and give them away as gifts this Christmas, or pop a few in a festive tin or box.

 photo pecan brittle 6_zps9zf1qczd.jpg

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