The Crazy Kitchen: Welsh Cakes and Amarula Cream #CelebrateTheNations

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Friday 16 October 2015

Welsh Cakes and Amarula Cream #CelebrateTheNations

The 2015 Rugby World Cup is now well under way, and although sadly England have been knocked out, our two neighbours, Wales and Scotland, are through to the quarter finals this weekend. 

Ex England Rugby player, and World Cup Winner Phil Vickery has created a Pork, Pinto Bean & Sweet Potato stew which uses ingredients and inspiration from each of the 20 nations competing in this year's Rugby World Cup, as part of the Tesco Celebrate the Nations campaign. You can watch the video of Phil making his '20 nations on a plate' here.

My Celebrate the Nations dish, is inspired by two of the teams playing each other in one of the quarter finals on Saturday; Wales and South Africa.

Welsh Cakes are traditionally cooked on a cast iron griddle, and contain dried fruit and spices. I've never made them before, but after researching a few recipes it would appear that the basic ratios are all very similar, and the only differentiation is the type of dried fruit and spices added. I added raisins and mixed spice to my recipe, and made mini ones, which were the perfect size for sandwiching together.

Welsh Cakes and Amarula Cream #CelebrateTheNations

Amarula is a cream liquor from South Africa, very similar to Irish cream liquor, and when whisked with cream, it makes a lovely filling for the Welsh Cakes.

Welsh Cakes
150g self raising flour + extra for dusting
50g butter
50g caster sugar
pinch of mixed spice
60g raisins
1 egg
  • add the flour, butter, sugar & mixed spice to a food mixer, and mix until it resembles breadcrumbs
  • stir in the raisins
  • add the egg and mix with a fork until everything comes together & then knead into a ball with your hands
  • roll out the dough on a floured surface to approx 4mm thick
  • cut out discs with a cutter
  • heat a griddle pan or non stick frying pan over a medium heat
  • cook the Welsh Cakes for approx 4 minutes on each side & then dust with caster sugar

Amarula Cream
75ml double cream
splash of Amarula
  • whisk the cream and Amarula together until thick
  • pipe or spoon onto half of the Welsh Cakes and sandwich together with another one
    Welsh Cakes and Amarula Cream #CelebrateTheNations Welsh Cakes and Amarula Cream #CelebrateTheNations Welsh Cakes and Amarula Cream #CelebrateTheNations

Has my dish inspired you? Why not create your own culinary masterpiece and #CelebrateTheNations this Autumn. Head to for more recipes.

this post has been commissioned by Tesco

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